Energy loss

So today I summoned Bune, offered a pact for her.
After that all day Im feeling massive energy loss, is that like normal after summoning? It didnt occur when I summoned Phenex.

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It’s very normal when we perform Evocation we exhaust our energy, our will, our desire, our power, our concentration and we alter our very own perception of reality. We exhaust so much of ourselves when we enter the rapture state in Evocation that can leave you starved for food and a feeling of immediately needing sleep.

Almost any rites in magick and spirituality while manifesting something will cause draining and exhaustion, because the more we put in the more we get back. I’ve had potent and powerful rites which involve, mantra, invocation, Evocation, prayer, energy manipulation, structuring, circumambulation and possession and liturgical incantations of power all in one ritual.

In a ritual like that it can be so draining i’ll be in bed for a full day and night, I’d just suggest psychological retraction from the ritual. Eat and drink plenty, relax and cleanse yourself as well as the area. Meditate and ground yourself and after sleep you’ll be normal again.


is it constant

I had 2 rituals Sunday morning and it was exhausting I slept a few hours and I felt drained. So quite normal!


Ye, same with me last night, did 2 evocations then I slept like a log, barely managed to reach the bed… Ok, could be the beers as well :rofl::joy::rofl:


:joy::joy: Well yes beers can make lazy, but not this feeling.


I think it was both the beers and the evocations :rofl::joy: Can’t complain tho, 1 beer and the sigils were opening in an instant :rofl::joy:


Ritualwork tends to be costly in energy, and living in the physical world makes it often difficult for us to imagine energy, and its interactions, on a non-physical level. In other words, we don’t have an innate intuitive perception of magical fatigue built in us.

And most magic is like any physical activity. You start out awkwardly, and clumsily, but then you’ll get into the zone and take the thing to its height, until you just stop, and realize you’ve exhausted all resources. Energy you shed may end up in the hands of spirits, in the gears of the ritual pattern, out into the wild, recycled back to you, etc. depending on the operation performed.

The most direct way to recharge post-ritual would be to go take from natural leylines, such as the Earth, Sun, and Moon, as these tend to be the cleanest sources of energy, so to speak. Other ways include meditation to restore it internally, and naturally, as well as other ways of rest.


This is interesting to read, as the same thing happened to me yesterday!
When I’ve worked with other demons, I’ve never felt anything at all. But yesterday, with Bune, I felt a huge energy loss. Honestly, I was glad for it, because I’d been questioning whether anything I was doing was working and questioning if it was real. But I started feeling really weird when opening Bune’s sigil. And then afterwards I felt sick and lightheaded and had no energy. I had to lie down for a bit. I went to work and was feeling sick and had no energy all day. And then went bed really early last night. And today I’ve felt really hungry.


If you’ve got the trick then Sigil opening goes real fast. Remember, once open, they open very quickly also.


I have noticed that IF a Being has planetary hours, then they are easy to contact during those hours. Off hours, you can still contact them, but it will be very draining.

Not all Beings have planetary hours and some have several.

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