Energy going out of my spine

Hello, Yesterday i practice the use of a black mirror but something strange happened. I feel heat in my back and a Greta Wave of energy gong out of mg spine.

What it means? That sensation dont worry me bit i wanna know what could be…

Another bit of info…i was using a sigil to talk with a specific demo.

Your central nervous system is located along the spine up to your brain.

Perhaps your nerves were picking up the fluctuations of energy. After all, our nerves is what “feels” energy.

Interesting yeah could be what Titan said. I had a spine doctor tell me that the soul resides in the spine, what a crock of crap, the guy was trying to brainwash me into believing in his spine-spirit story to make himself feel more important. It would be like a dentist telling you the soul lives in the teeth and gums.