Energies and spirits

Can certain spirits cause problems in friendships like destroying your friendships with others if you invoked them to break up a relationship your target has with someone else?

If that was the most convenient or only means of fulfilling your request then I don’t see why a spirit wouldn’t use it if you didn’t rule it out.

I mean like my own personal friendships with other people ending up in arguments over the past few days is that my karma for destroying thier relationships with others

It’s a possibility I suppose. I would think it more likely that the spirit entity you evoked may have had do do something that destroyed your relationship with the target in the process of fulfilling your request. But if you want to call that karma I won’t argue with you. Was the destruction of the other relationship intended to be permanent? Was the other relationship somehow connected to your relationship with the target in some way you may not have considered?

It was intended for all other women to be removed from the target and cause havoc no the target has not been in touch yet but these friendships were friends of my own a boy and a girl

So there was no other connection between your ruinedfriendships and the target besides you?

Nope hes never met those friends ive also been in random arguments with people outside

And felt really angry past few days and also tearful

I’m just spitballing here since I don’t know the details of your approach to magick and I’m not sure what entity you invoked. But it may be possible it’s waiting within you for you to release it to go do it’s job. In the meantime it could be using you to gather the type of energy it needs to do said job thru you.

I guess so or im feeling the effects its already causing in his life or something

Also a good possibility. Especially if you are an empath and/or emotionally bound to him.

Yeah could be because we are both involved in the spell really when you think about it so it could be feelings of the same