Energetic essence bottles?

I started creating these plastic bottles which I fill with papers that have many different unsettling intents written on them; I tend to call them ‘essence’ bottles, specifically because if I make one and put it in my room and go to bed, sometimes but not always, i will hear sounds that wake me up from my sleep. They aren’t real sounds, they seem to be phantom sounds, kind of like hallucinations. What I hear seems to always involve some sort of sudden sound that comes from some area of my room, such as someone knocking on the door, something being thrown, something falling, or something being slammed.
It’s kind of Exploding Head Syndrome but it seems way less intense. Weird thing is, I’ve never really experienced any hypnagogic hallucinations up until I began making these bottles.
I just made one last night; went to bed, and woke up in what seemed like a state where i was partially awake but also asleep at the same time, when all of a sudden i could very faintly make out the layout of my room, and could sense a coloring book in the corner of my room, when all of a sudden I wake up to a slamming sound, as if somebody slammed the book on the wall. Its really weird. I’ve also heard other things, such as an empty water bottle falling, someone knocking on my door, someone tapping the wall (4 times to be precise), and other things like that. I’ve noticed that these sounds always seem to involve some sort of object that is in my room, like i never hear any voices or anything like that. Anyways, the question I have is are these sounds purely psychological in nature, or do the bottles actually contain some kind of external energy that is affecting my sleep? How do I tell?
Here is a picture of the kind of things I would write on the papers:

And i would usually make 3 of them and put them in a plastic bottle with a tad bit of water.

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Wtf you are making, its so cool. I dont know what it is but similar like thought-form or some sort, like you make spell jar but make it a live.

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Yeah, thats pretty much what it is. I was actually inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiments, because he would make these jars which had labels on them, one would be fed loving and positive energies, the other is fed nasty hateful energies, and the last is just simply ignored.
Supposedly the jar that has the most negative energy will rot first, and the one with the most positive energy will almost certainly be the last to rot. It’s really interesting.
He’s basically implyinng that your thoughts and emotions can leave an imprint in the water crystals.
And of couse, i thought that this sounded very similar to the idea of residual hauntings, where thoughts and emotions can leave an imprint on the surrounding environment. And that is what inspired me to make these.