Ending a psychic connection with a narcissist

I have written a petition to lucifer asking him to end the connection that includes telepathy. I asked him to end it within 3 days, yet it is the 3rd day and i believe it will take longer than that. I had a strange dream today where i was reluctant to separate from her. Any advice on rituals or practices that i can do without much materials to make the transition quicker?

I had the exact same problem before.

What I did was do a self invocation, purge references to the parasitic entity, and then focus on anything else.

Alternatively, you can invoke a higher self or someone other than Lucifer, since he isn’t answering your calls. Try Belial if you want to stick with the Goetia, otherwise it may be worth trying Orcus. Both of them are good with darkness. I don’t know what a higher self is, so I never use it.