Encountered in my sleep paralysis a demonic entity

I had 4 experiences like this actually , one when I saw some beautiful lady that reminded me Lilith, one that I saw her again but in a darker form, and when I saw them one day later some dramatic event relaited to me happened, now I had this one that physically starched me and attacked me when I tried to listen and receive messages I couldn’t look at him he were in the appearance of black lines, I have listened to thetha waves before and were terrified I felt trapped and he attacked me with the speed of light, kept being reasonable but he just didn’t wanted any interaction with me he just wanted to harm me that was quiet scary and intimidating, what the hell was that? What’s your opinion Who could potentially do this to me with the ability of being invincible

This can Be an attack or a problem psychoschematic only on your head. Dreams for example is where most entities don’t have a specialty in, so I can be a sore spot in your defenses, unless you are in relationships with entities that contain some form of oneiromancy (dream magic). This has happened to me and some other magicians on the same day. It probably was not an attack on you rather than just wandering spirit, that feeds in some way by doing this. Either way prepare for the worst and start doing something creative and new to counter attack. The spirit Cohzier can be found in this forum, he’s one of my go to’s.

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I experience sleep paralysis pretty much every single night, and it’s a very pleasant experience when you let go of your fear and the obsession of always being in total control.

A Sleep Paralysis State do have an important function when interacting with certain spirits. All though it seems more common when interacting with succubus/incubus entities, other spirits use this method to get our attention. If “normal” interaction doesn’t work, the last resort is to put us in a sleep paralysis. The emotional reaction of fear and the feeling of being totally defenseless and vulnerable when this occur, often makes it worse. The manifestation of the entity is basically a reflection of your emotional reaction, and the spirit adapt to it. If you comply, the manifestation of the spirit will most likely change and approach you benevolently. Why? The spirit has no choice, if it want to feed on the emotions. The last choice is for it to leave and feast on a new target.

As I see it, sleep paralysis is just the first step when it comes to Astral Projection, and to interact with energies on a passive and conscious level. Let go of your fear and need of control, and you will discover the benefits of sleep paralysis.

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Yea I agree with many points you stated here, but the main the point is this emotions showed up after the attack in most of my sleep paralysis experiences I was in a chilling mood and the entity even shouted my name, that was a suprise calculated attack, the emotions didn’t created the entity or attracted it but rather I think the binirual beats I listened too while falling a sleep, I started to hear voices I wasn’t that scared actually just after I woke up I was disappointed in the entities that I’m working with, I barely could react I was never fearful even in this situation it’s just the after hang over affect

It is kind of difficult to understand what you wrote here but If I am getting this right I think you are saying that you have had various experiences with sleep paralysis which have gotten progressively darker. The final one was with an entity which you saw as black lines. You could not look at to interact with him because when you tried to talk to him he just was intent upon attacking you. Is that correct? I kind of want to work with you more privately if that is what you were saying.

I will say this here for the benefit of others who may not know. There are many different kinds of entities out there. Most are just doing their own thing or feeding or watching us. Some are teaching us. Not often will they take it upon themselves to attack us. If you were attacked as you said, I would say it is coming FROM someone and it was not just a random arbitrary attack. I could be wrong. I am not, ya know," She Who Knows All", but my gut tells me there is more to this. It should be investigated by someone who can see/help, and it will probably happen again. Let me know by PM if you want me to try to help.

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I had a similar experience and as I’m an artist I painted the incubus. Just thought you might be interested. I was saved by the impending attack by the Loa I work with. Thankfully, I only experienced the first moments of this attack but it was still nasty.