Enchanting items

So I searched the forums before posting this and didnt find much. So I was curious if anyone has experience enchanting items personally or through evocation. Can anyone point me in the direction to get information on how to do this effectively?


There were some threads on “charging” items and “Binding” spirits into items or “bound” spirit infused: referenced in the Omnipotence (Evocation Course)

for ex

a little bit different- but related is:

Further down in the above thread (@ 01/07/13, 05:35 AM) I mention in a comment about different Context you are working with (often people on this forum refer the Battery concept- charge up, and store in… which is insulated, gradually uses energy- recharge; or resonator- ie Entity or a “Sacred Geometry” or something that resonates like an antenae, quality expresses by nature of its “shape”…

but there are others:    (as I mention in the above referred comment- the "neo-shamanic" model (go and find corresponding- ex spirit animal, or representative at the end of a "quest" etc.)

another section talking about Dante (Abiel) items and “binding spirit in a triangle” (in interview with EA), I don’t recall the wording used exactly (as helps in the Search function to have the same vocab term they used.)

Just a few hints that came to mind- I hope might help

as indirectly aspects of the subject seem to arise (I know it has been an element in most of the earlier post-comments I wrote)…

If some part of above triggers and elicits part of what you are looking for, and seeking in your Pattern … (I think a key is recog the Meta-Pattern of all the parts of how are you getting esoterics to work- as EA ref’d “subjective Synth” )


The second link Taokua posted is the only discussion that I think has been had on this subject here. I posted some pretty detailed instructions of what I have done to create ritual item.
I am currently in the process of creating something new and intend to post about it upon completion, but that will be probably a month or 2 from now since it is an artwork

Thank you Taokua for all the info thats definitely helpful information. I really appreciate it.

Soundwave I look forward to hearing about the new item you created and about the success you have with it.

Do either of you know the pros and cons between binding a spirit into an item vs following a ritual and enchanting it with the energy from that?

Hello- thx that you found it helpful, fortune in your integrating your system-method.

Binding into may be done via “following a ritual” and in the following of a ritual a spirit (Entity) might be called upon to help, or to be bound into [thus they could link] …

but as you seem to be contrasting an Entity vs Energetic Charge; I'd say it comes  to how your Subj synth (as mentioned in above, ie What would that mean to you?  for ex, the Energy enchanted into, first builtup a charge~ summoned, and then once enchanted into/enfused you still maintain a bit of that in your mind/being... 

so whatever that Energetic-Freq is type of… affects you, else you do, and other energies called up. <how does that Energy-flavour relate to your “system”, a resulting leaning-bias?>

That Energy can be just called up in your Mind (tapping your “resource pool” as it can be called in Brief-psych, ie your memories, extracting to charge your phsio-state), or
one can call upon an Entity and have them send an Energetic Flow (or trigger an EnergeticFlow within you, perhaps one that you wouldn’t access yourself- if outside or Beyond your prior expers), or Lastly have them put a resonance into the item (a type-degree of binding).

I’d group each of those in the second (last paragraph above) as calling up and involving an Entity: issue their is Cooperation, and meshing of different Purposes/“Personae-types” (I place in quotes as not like another person, but still- diff Entities are of diff Types, as well as each have specialties- what they do and what they don’t, etc).

So the selection process (and then involvement if you try and run a second Operation, calling upon a different Entity, brings into relation…) harmonious relation? or conflict? Not the same as summoning simul in the same room via Evocation, but the mixing of Energies…

(so in short I'd say Calling up an energy your self  is less mixing, although still part of your Subj Synth Whole-integration, and therefore links to other Energies by your Pattern- ie your internal BalancePt.        -but that is less mixing than actually involving/Calling Upon a specific Entity and/or Type of,   and most of all having one directly into.
  Almost like 3 steps of more particular.   Of course any of those 3 are tricky, and change as one develops... I'd recommend (regardless of which) one might plan as EA recommends find a few Entity (name, sigil/signatures, character-type) that would be consonant with your purpose: and have 5 questions.   

Make a slight contact (via the Name, Sigil/signature, and char)- sense some response, and ask a question… write/record what you think- go with it. 2,3,4,5 thank and disconnect your mind state, and plan to try again on another day. Idea being that you can develop finer-refinements of percep, as not going in with the idea it will be clear and distinct (thus 5 questions- as get to 4th or 5th, even the first time, will be different than the 1st)

 So actual "answers" might be helpful, but most of all the process developing, but also contacting "different Entities" can develop a differentiation of Feel:  ie those in this cluster feel more like XYZ and seem to give a sense of Um-no when I bring up certain subjects, while when I bring up subject ABC they are like Yeah-that is our thing...     <<also you'll find some you feel more or less comfortable with.. and most of all integrate the spacey affect of Entity-contact with "world">>

I hope that adds- gee I wasn’t going to make a post response, or at least a short one, and yet I felt a “nudge”

 Luck to Soundwave's efforts- I also think would neat to hear how that goes.


ps the term Binding (either as in constraining/limiting an Other’s powers, or Binding Into- which can seem imprison or even Enslave) which can contrast with Fascination (something that “captures” and holds attention- from Fasten- binding but in the sense of interest-curiosity ~worthwhile to the one drawn-into)…
One’s subcon assoc with Binding would seem good to clarify (as at deep level the part drawn in will resonate your deep-mind a feeling of you doing atack to: trapping-else, as well as having that done to you, part of you being-trapped… as at the deep-mind the Entity contacted is in that blur area: also how an Amulet-Talis works residual continual affecting by an intermingling.

-in relation to the Binding into or constraining to a purpose-controlling/commanding (if one is ok with that, vs if one isn’t)- and in my exper those that can be Commanded, are distinct from those that can’t- either way the part of the Operator’s Mind (you) that does this working is Not the You that is your Usual personae…

(gee that seemed to ramble and perhaps preachy a bit- but I felt without the PS part it would make else I wrote Hollow). luck

Thanks for all the information. Dont worry didnt sound like rambling to me. I appreciate the detail. Im really new to all this so every bit of info i can get is helpful.

So can pretty much anything be enchanted or is it suggested to only do specific items such as rings and talismans?

the last sentence/question in your comment is interesting- I paused a moment and to me it is like the issue about “binding” I “ramble” (equivocate :slight_smile: about above:
I think its not so much a shift of what you sense, but an expansion. So part of sense more, is the aliveness of “things” (as well as events, and flow)… and part of that aliveness has both a Size, and a um Permission (how open it is to “holding” something)… while Size being how much space there might be.
I sense it like partly a “willingness” of the object on the one hand (not fully animistically, but a sense of “permission”), as well as to the degree it has capacity…
Thus different items might be more easily “written onto” and yet not keep it, or clash with charges in it and running through it…

while others may be more difficult to make an impact (more patience and steadiness- maybe even a softer touch, if heavy-hand causes it to snapback)- but once it has an essence en-chanted it will hold and perhaps speak through it.

\writing this I come to see how much I go by a sense of where it is at and how it changes as… and how the more “magickal” is more alive (if just XYZ concept- that’s just headgames, while if a certain Essence, that changes and flows in its expression as things interact with it, as if it is an alive- personality… or something)… key is tying a root-resonator

-(like an antennae brings in a signal to a radio, as long as it is “on channel” and the channel-continues-broadcasting: if just an amplifier to speakers… with no signal… well recorded material can be played but it is just playing back a recording ~a haunting, vs “live”

also I’d say Amulet, Talisman, and some other names are titles for a certain type of enchanted (usually with certain properties) but those words really mean something that has been. -so an Enchanted Ring could be called a Talis-man [while other enchanted items could be a Talis also, even if not a ring… etc]

  • although the term talisman does have some implications (definition of word), but isn’t a certain type of thing (like a pendant) even if often associated with particular (at least that’s my under-standing of foundation- in terms of the wording you used, if that’s helpful, but they are just words to use).

Count Zero: did you have a particular quality or “charge” you were looking to enfuse? (or more on the result-side, did you have a particular affect you were seeking?) in addition to the path of developing this skill,what triggered the original question you had? -could drive the examples in different ways, and also find a way to ease into it.

<<instance- take 4 items to charge- have quality A and Quality B: A & B different but not mutually exclusive, just start with one: qual-A, build up and enfuse the first, take a long as need, and put the first item aside… rest… next day? do same for qual-B then on third occassion (however long between or short between to be clear again, but don’t hold back during)… then bring the first and second items and feel in to each- back and forth, can sense the flavour inside? match that in you (either in your core, or keep separate- build an energy charge in one-hand for ex)… sense A then drop that, switch to B… then drop that… etc. Till both clear.

Then pull up A and then add B to it… how does it react- what is the combo that “arises” (seek to be surprised, vs “figured out” if it is real and flowing, it will sense alive) -thus if choose A and B such that you can’t figure how they would be felt simul and yet not mutually-exclusive (I hope this makes sense- it should imply subcon implications of this that might percolate up)
When that combo is Brought up- enfuse it in to the Third, etc

come back later (having “forgotten about” or just wait a bit, ie if you haven’t been building it up, and you feel into the items and the sense of charge in first and second And Third is stronger than if you just thought it up- more likely you are Feeling something (even tapping into it) vs just in mind… so its there?

[[ lastly- pull all the charge of first and second and third out- one at a time- and flow into fourth- ie fourth has three times the charge (as “all” the first 3 =3x?) so not only a combo qual, but more energy… <jump past prior levels ?>

(if repeat, than the more you can flow energy, and tap into the Permission of an object, the greater that 3x increase becomes.  As well as note difference in how and which- method and mater-ials (and thus test out/sense which objects work better-  as you answer above, types?  sort of a built in testing fdbk)

past of this is the sense of how one connects to the subject-substance (the “initiate”)
- if just pick up and bam push into, sort of like walk up to a person and say hey do this… objectifying/manipulating -might it work better slightly different, the how of connecting, and how feel the flow of enfusing? (might not) -even during the sending E-into like pouring liquid into a cup, even a quick pour, one can notice is it sloshing, how full is the cup getting and seeing what color the liquid is “as” it is being poured… devel that same qual as energy is sent in -notice its reaction, can thus change as it is in process, etc.

 (or as a quality is Called Forth ~Evoked, not push energy into, but tuning a radio to a different channel...   and if it seemed to not have a charge, actually it was just "in-between" channels, move the tuning and suddenly... Music 
  [that last part if you read this far into it, is really key -I think- but that's my twosense.]  -cheers


i posted once asking a similar thing. i basically resolved to just ask spirits of my choosing to empower or reside within an object of my choosing for whatever purpose(s). if anyone’s interested in an experiment, i’m planning to charge an item in a couple weeks with the daemonic signature of a particular spirit. with their permission, i could post a picture of the object and y’all could try and guess which spirit, in particular, was bound.

lemme know if you’re interested.


Yeah I’d be up for that James, gimma a PM when its ready.

cool. if i don’t PM you within two weeks, i’ll be posting it in the black magic section. the title will be something like “Enchanted Item Experiment”.

and if i don’t PM you, it’s only because i’ve forgotten:)


sounds like a good experiment. I look forward to seeig what you post.