Enchanting/Charging/Programming Candles and other tools

Do we have a tutorial on this? Will search the results, but I don’t recall seeing one. It seems all it is is visualization, energy creation and release, right?

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It really is basic energy work and every practicioner should know how to annoint and charge candles or other objects. I don’t know if there is a tutorial for that @Fuego. Why don’t you consider writing one.

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Such as …
I bless and consecrate the, thou creature of wood from trees - this not only a staff for travel, but what I choose it to be, colors to be the elements poured into its consecration AGLA Amen.

Also found two new fairly straight wands on my trip home.

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So, onto Indeed I go.
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So what should a staff be consecrated as, what color would you paint it, or just seal or stain it?

And the wands? If you have multiple wands, what are they used for, what colors are they, what markings, etc.

I come from the GD background, so everything was big on tools; Ive whittled down to a pumpkin carving knife until I can buy an athame, Will probably buy a used bedspread and some paint for a circle, get a flag display box as a triangle and paint a sit black for a mirror.
In the meantime I use my first finger mostly, for rituals, and occasional grade signs depending on what Im doing.

As far as charging these, I would envision the purpose, hold my hands over it and imagine and visualize pushing energy associated with the purpose into the object, saying invocations or barbarous words of power over the object, until you are exhausted, then wrap it in something to contain its essence.

I have a shoebox size metal lockbox for certain things I wish to keep private or hidden.

My altar is currently the end of my dresser which I face south, unless I rearrange my room, but am thinking of using a wooden silverware box as my new altar in which case it can face anywhere.
I will of course consecrate, resurrect and charge the altar as well.

Candles, I typically dress and concentrate my will on the flame, then the candle itself holding my purpose in mind as long as possible and either let it burn itself out, which sometimes has done prematurely, or extinguish the flame and close the ritual.

Conner Kendall and others have written excellent tutorials.
I guess my question is really in how it varies from object to object and why and how.

Hobbyist analyst at work here.

Another question would be, how long does the enchantment last on the object, should it be reconsecrated for each ritual; also how do we test it to know it works and gauge its effectiveness?