Enchanted Items

Probably one of the more sentimental magickal artifacts i own, jewelry specifically, would be the eleke i was given as a gift from my spiritual mentor in santeria. I called him one day and he told me to come by his shop, and when i showed up he brought me into his backroom and ceremonially bestowed the necklace of osain upon me. I remember being pissed the fuck off on my way to the shop, my mind a raging storm of chaos, but by the time i walked out f the building i was profoundly centered an ‘in tune’ with the universe…a state i usually only walk in after hours of meditation, from a simple ritual giving me a necklace. If your into jewelry and magickal tools at that, i would reccommend you to pursue the initiation of the elekes. Find a santero/a and get a reading. Its not just a little tarot session, the orishas themselves speak through the various shell patterns, and i garuntee you will walk away with a different mindset. Just my opinion.


Also, when you are given the identity of your crown orisha, a special bracelet for that spirit is worn on your left hand. Ive bought metal pendants before of La Santa Muerte or a pentagram, but they never really did anything for me.