Emperor Lucifer possession



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I bought a combo, the right side is for pussies LOL

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So you getting any closer to your answer?

I think I meant possession.

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Ok then. Good luck in your Demonic possession :slight_smile:


1: Do you know who Lucifer is. Not just the surface but studied him, various authors works, his desires and capabilities. Are you drawn to him like no other.
2: Have you evoked him to have some kind sign that he wants to work with you
3: Have you invoked him? What was his guidance for you.
4: Are you ready for full possession?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. I dont want full possession
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LOL I’ve never heard of partial possession

Yes I know about it. I used it before and it worked for me.

I think partial possession is possible.

Partial possession is called invocation ! That’s why I asked you if you mean invocation or not.

Not in my experience.I have done work with a few entities in my time and I have never witnessed a partial possession. It was always full. Face changed, different language spoken it was cray cray

Is it permanent ?

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I just thought it can be so, because there are many people who speak About partial possesion.

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No it was just during possession, The look is different in the eyes as well. The person possessed was truly not there. No it went back afterwards but it kinda got all twisted during it.

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Yes exactly. It’s just a different term but it’s the same thing. If you want to learn about it… search “invocation” here in the forum or online, YT etc you’ll find tons of information, techniques and details that will help you.

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Possession is such a finite term for something that is not even close to what you desire.
When you truly commune with the Ancients, the indwelling isn’t you pulling them into YOU
It them pulling YOU into THEMSELVES
You will feel changes and growth because they have moved you from where you were.
It feels as if they indwell you, but it’s something’s far far more deeper.
They’ll pass thru you, seat within you- but the energy and their presence is one YOU INDWELL.
See? :slight_smile:
They reveal that passage and being in their presence is like standing in a hurricane… it can blow you away if you don’t anchor into them fully- but either way, you never experience such a thing and remain unchanged.
Good luck on your journey!!!:heart::black_heart:


Yes I can identify. I have special ones whom I bond with and the face does change as well as the eyes. I have pictures of my times of bonding in which even my eyes changed colors… pupils changed, voice changes, and languanges as well.