Emperor and the Empress: The Power Couple of the Tarot

Word of caution; this is my own interpretation of said cards. It’s mostly channeled information from the cards themselves to use in spell work or whatnot.

Combining two of the Major Arcana or trump cards for a single purpose can greatly boost your working.

They are complete on their own. Having completed all of the lower Arcana. Traveled through the entirety of the four suits.

The page, the knight, and the king/queen repeatedly done four times.

They are equally matched as mates.

Their union is the Lovers.

Accomplished home, work and community lifestyle together.

Respect for themselves and the other mate with deep soul understanding.

Compassion. With passion.

With their themselves can make the grandest of things, but together empires are born.

creating the modern world as we know it. connecting continents. with world wide trading routes

So, i would suggest to use these cards in calling in your true soul mate.

Or to find your life Path.

Or laying down great ideas or endeavors.

I mostly just use meditation in my own workings.

But investing in a single tarot deck to have 3 dimensional is not a waste. Just staring at them is still using them.

The Major Arcana is different for everyone. They are the heavenly cards. Where the minor Arcana is the earthly ones.