I’m an empath too. For me it has been feelings and emotions, and for a while I had a hard time separating out my emotions vs other people’s emotions. I actually don’t mind crowds as long as they are happy crowds, but a big group of depressed people is hell, also if someone close to me is sad for some reason I really feel it.
I can block people’s emotions out, particularly if they are strangers. I have a much harder time with people close to me. I actually slept on Buer’s symbol for a long time (years) just so I could block out negative feelings from people close to me and not wake up depressed.

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Oh man, that must suck. I can’t hear words, but I get slammed with the good and nasty emotions. Sadly most aren’t unicorns and rainbows. That’s why I usually keep blocked.

When it first kicked in for me, I couldn’t tell the difference. First when a was taught blocking, it was either open or blocked. No I can layer it. With people close to me I keep a low level block. But that low level block wouldn’t hold in a crowd.

Being an empath for me is terrible. I was very much an empath when I was a child and had a lot of depression because of my environment. I still cannot watch the news because I imagine the tragic things that happen to people.

Then when I developed symptoms of PTSD as an adult, I began having a lot of chest pains from seeing people being hurt. Even seeing someone fall down made my heart feel excruciating.

I suck up the emotions of people too. The only way I have been able to learn how to block the emotional states of other people is to numb myself with a medication for anxiety. Without it I am a mess and don’t function well. I have no shields. I get soaked and suffocated by other people’s “stuff”.

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Eric: I am a machanoreceptor which means I am very sensitive to vibrations. I feel energy as vibrations.

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I was on medication first too, nobody knew why I had suddenly changed into unpredictable. Not even me. But now I have decades of blocking experience and it’s now working almost subconsciously, unless I know where I’m going and know I need to “block up” If I suddenly get thrown into a situation where people are surrounding me unexpectedly it can get bad. It’s hard to erect the blocks when you’re already bombarded with feelings. But mostly it runs on autopilot.

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I also pick up energy waves from people and some hit me suddenly, it is tiresome, sometimes it’s like seeing a short trailer with some people. All these things in my head become a mist, like a parasite blocking my intuition.

And approaching left hand people is even more intense. Some are good, others make me want to throw up.

And there’s the ‘crazy’ ones, mostly homeless people, they are drawn to me, they speak strange things, like this woman sat next to me and she said my aunt’s name and that i won’t find my aunt because she is on the other side. I called my aunt because i wanted to visit her and she was packing, going to Island, which is on the other side of the world. The energy i got from the homeless woman who told me that was demonic, low, dense. And i felt that was not her voice, someone else was speaking. She was possessed.

I put an energy shield up. Two days later, another homeless woman, same shit low vibration called my mother by her baptism name and told her that all her children will burn in the fire. I’m the only living child who is playing with ‘fire’.

I’m also sensitive to vibrations. It took me years to learn how to deal with earthquakes, now they feel like a nice orgasm :slight_smile:

As for people’s vibrations, and animals, I am trying not to go with their flow, i keep telling myself shields up, this is not my circus.

I avoid crowds, pubs, large groups. This is not a solution .
I did try to numb myself by smoking and drinking, but that is not a solution either. I’m giving up on that with the help of King Belial. He makes me look at people in my dreams and search for the will power to detach from the persons who have bad energy. For I am now above. And above is a good condition, there i do not need to waste energy blocking the waves, it’s a realm where things work differently.

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Interesting. And yes, earthquakes don’t affect me anymore either. I’m working with Samael, to open my third eye. All the blocking has shut it unintentionally. Weirdly enough the third eye work seems to be affecting my hearing. Do I have a third ear? I still can’t see anything unless the spirits flash a picture to me. But I can now communicate with both Lilith and Samael directly and hear their voices not mine. Weird that one :joy:

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