I had a reading recently and was told I can create spirits and harbor powerful ones in my presence. Idk what the hell that means. Does anyone have a clue?


Not really sure how that relates to being an Empath but it depends on where you got said reading done. A lot of “psychics” out there are just sprouting BS out.

However, what that could mean is you are able to control spirits around you with ease, and evoking/ summoning may be easier for you. Your chakras and clairvoyant/clairaudience abilities may naturally already be strong and open!

Empath means feeling/ understanding the emotions of another person, I myself am one and I absolutely balled on New Years when I could hear everyone cheering and happy during the countdown, how excited everyone was to celebrate, the fact we celebrate each year with such joy and happiness. Gosh, makes me cries tears of joy just thinking about it!


“Creating Spirits” = servitors, egregores, thought-forms

“Harbor powerful ones in my presence” = be able to summon entities with ease and have them do your will without much resistance


@Blackflag16 Said exactly what I forgot to mention! Thankyou


Just to be blunt it means you can summon your spirit kids on the ether and/or create them from your ballsack if you can find a worthy enough female to carry them in the 3d human world. (I assume you are male from your user name).