Empath revenge against narcissist psychopath

Hi, i am empath and i been victim of my brother narcissism since long time and always feel depleted after any interaction with him. I will like to balance it sucking his energy out as most as i can i take my power back. I looking to simple method to drain the energy from a narcissist.

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I have a child with a narc with diagnosed mental health disorders. Interacting with him is draining and exhausting. I created a servitor to drain him and his current bedwarmer. The last time I looked at their pics he looks tired and fat and she looks drained. He used to be fit and toned and she used to look vibrant. So something is working.

You can create a servitor like I did, visualizations or you can call on a spirit to drain them. I did a combination of both. You can search the forum for info on it.

In the meantime limit your reactions with this person, narcs won’t be happy until you’re dead in the ground and even then it won’t be enough.

Good luck and protect your energy.


I’ve heard that Vampirism can help with this.

I had to deal with two people who did the same and worked with a death Goddess to help. I also invoke a fire primordial when they come over and they can’t do a damn thing.

Try seeing which element they’re weaker towards and focus your defenses and offenses on that. Also get a powerful spirit as an Ally.