Emotional Vampire at home

hi does anyone know how to deal with a emotional vampire which is my father?

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Take his full name make out of it a name sigil put said name sigil on a doll concecrate and bind a part of his being unto him. With a simple state said 20 times [Name]i bind your being into this doll ore object.i concecrate this doll to be [Name] visualize this persons spirit to be in or soaked in the doll tranforms in your minds eye into the person you intent.

Do it personal,all your hate and disgust and fed upness translate it into the words you instinctualy need to write and said it out lout and down in paper.

Construct the banishing ritual how it feels right for you do it on a saturday =saturn =helpfull banishing energys and binding,cursing rituals .take black string .And if posible even doing it in the hour of saturn.

And say the personall words like [Name]i bind all of your influence away from me [Name]I banish all your control you have over me.[Name]I am disgusted and sick by your shit and you shall eat it yourself are pretty darn good examples.

Repeat the affirmation each of it 13times or 11 times or 20 times=excelent 10 is also good enough and minimum 5 are for good repetition per my personal expirience.

Take the doll on the right hand for pushing away or in and the left for stringing it means magnetice and infuse it with sait banishing cursing intent and energys(traditionally Right hand is pushing out left is pulling in if somehow your energetic nature is different respect that)with the black string away from you while you saying each affirmation. Do as long it needs to be fully whooled up in all thise nets.

Now take the piece of shit doll put it in a place where no tard gets to it and you are good to go :+1:t6:

Just because they are a family member doesnt mean u should take shit from them just because they are too lazy and ignorant to work on theire problems instead pushing that on you constantly.And you can do and talk what you want with them and nothing happens, no brother say to yourself no more and turn the tables around with bane and banishing. Also look for opurtunitys to take a job somekind and getoutahere…

You didnt decide to be pregnated with your mom but dad did.Shouldve thinked twice…

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