Emotional Ascent

Hello all,
Normally I’m a positive, cheerful, and happy guy who spreads that same energy to others in my presence. Since becoming more enlightened I noticed that every once in a blue moon I get irritated, stressed, and downright uncomfortable with I’m not sure what. I’m a full time college student and since I’ve been into the occult, the mundane world and mundane studies don’t interest me one bit. How do you all continue to advance spiritually while at the same time keep that balance in the physical world with things such as school etc?

Edit: Also what spirits are good for prospering in school and knowledge?

I know what you mean. To me, mundane life seemed like a distraction from what was really important, of real value and significance. Until I spoke with a mentor of mine about this. He gave me some insights that changed my perspective on that. What he told me changed my perspective in such a way, that I started to see the mundane, daily routines as a training ground for my spiritual capabilities. As you know, spiritual ascent takes discipline and self-control, so I started seeing the curriculum of my courses as a training in discipline and self control. Daily frustrations, I started seeing as a testing ground for my level of non-attachment. And boring tasks I had to do became
tests for the level of my willpower. Any task, no matter how unnecessary or repetetive, can be turned into a spiritual practice, a meditation. When I was still at university, I used to have quite boring jobs with very monotonous things to do. So I meditated on a mantra, eyes opened, my hands busy, but my mind was very far away. Also, seeing how these mantras change your perception and reality around you is quite fascinating. Bottom line, what I’m trying to say is, that anything can be turned into some sort of spiritual training, so daily life doesn’t have to be a “waste” of time. And in case of a boring job, you’d even get paid meditating and training your mind.

RedIce gives good advice.

Daily mundane tasks can also be used for mindfulness meditation, in other words when you are doing a task keep your mind fully on the task at hand. When you are studying, think only of studying, when you are working, think only of your work, etc.

I wanna thank both of you guys, your advice helped alot. I actually put my head in the books and got some studying done. Thank you

I would like to chime in here too with something I am observing in my own emotional life.

My manifestations are powerful though mostly negative.
I find it easier to project and maintain hate than any positive emotion because the world and life generally irritates me…

I derive pleasure from seeing others suffer also as much as seeing positive things happen yet I have somehow lost that expression of goodness or a sense of how to dream good things.

Any suggestions are welcome as far as creating balance…
Baneful Magick was like reading my own psychological memoires.

I am finding that alignment internally is fluctuating from dark to light but more toward dark to the point i am loosing touch with healing powers

Vagelli, I would recommend shaolin chi kung. It can do wonders for clearing out negative emotions, and blockages. You may wake up one day and take no pleasure in the suffering of others. Compassion is the key to the Shaolin arts.

The fundamental skill is to relax, relax, then relax some more and smile from the heart. :smiley:

[url=http://www.amazon.com/Chi-Kung-Health-Vitality-Practical/dp/0974995843/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1348290133&sr=8-4&keywords=wong+kiew+kit]http://www.amazon.com/Chi-Kung-Health-Vitality-Practical/dp/0974995843/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1348290133&sr=8-4&keywords=wong+kiew+kit[/url] is a good starter, but learning in person from a teacher can make an infinite difference.