Emotional Alchemy (GOM or Jareth Tempest type angel magick)

Is there a sort of way to practice emotional transformations. So that when you do your ritual or pathworking or whatever you can have confidence that you have communicated properly.
Or can I just try and feel it as best as I can and then tell them what I want. I think Woodcroft rituals do this, you call the being in and then you sort of tell them what you want and say thanks and close the ritual.

I did a Woodcroft ritual and I am pretty sure I contacted Raziel. But it has not worked since. So I was going to try a Jareth Tempest pathworking to reach him/her again but I am a little confused about the emotional transformation.
Also, maybe that is why it is not working, The first time there was emotion and all the rest of the times there is not. I don’t know.

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The method of visionary magick used by Jereth Tempest does not require the technique of emotional transmutation. It involves imagining certain elemental images. Then you can just talk to the angel in your head or out loud.

Yes, you can practice emotional transmutation. All you are doing is transforming one emotion into another, and that is something we humans do naturally, so just practice switching between emotions. Go from desperately wanting to the relief of having, for example.


It sounds like you’re making this more complicated than it needs to be. All you have to do is think about how you feel now, then think about how it would feel to have the result. It’s really that simple.

There are a few more steps you can add if you want, though. You can also imagine how bad it would feel if your results never came about to help stir up your negative emotions. After imagining how good the results would feel, you can then imagine that it’s a couple years in the future, and you’re looking back and feeling good about how everything just worked out so easily. You can even do this one more time, and reflect on the awe-inspiring power of the angels that unfolded over decades.


Also, I am personally quite skeptical of Tempest’s books. If they work for you then that’s great, and I haven’t read the books so correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like he’s just trying to make up a bunch of pathworkings (which may work for him personally) and copy-paste the powers (and likely the general style) from authors like Woodcroft or the Gallery to make a buck. Nothing wrong with making a buck, but personally I’d rather work with magick that’s been well-tested by a magickal group.

Maybe I’m just being an ass for no reason though. And maybe I should go create 50 servitors with spooky names and make up pathworkings for them and sell a book. It’d probably be about the same quality as the group laying out workable systems based in ancient magickal traditions with hundreds of years of experience between them and extensive knowledge of ancient texts in dead languages and private grimoires, right? Nothing wrong with making a buck though.

Like I always say, do what works for you.

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Hate to disagree with you @shinri, as you’re generally pretty knowledgeable, but Tempest’s books work, and they work very well (and they have been tested by a private group, according to the author).

You praise Lucifer and the Hidden Demons to high heavens on this forum (pardon the pun), so I find it odd that you would diss a book written in a similar vein (one you admit you haven’t even read). The only difference between the two books, in my experience, is LHD is considerably more verbose, but the technique is the exactly the same, as well it should be, since it is a traditional magical technique that was not invented by either author.

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your thinking too much. just do the magick as instructed. maybe several attempts to get the process right.

yes, there is a way to practice getting into different emotions. you just practice it. go from happy to sad. from anger to relief. from annoyed to excited. etc… just go through many emotions . see how you can change from one emotion to next. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/469641067366190649/

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@Vandheer u sure your in the right thread? there’s no mentioning of rule in this thread. lol cuz i’m a little lost about you mentioning rule. haha.

where did rule come from that statement? still a little confused. haha. :confused: it was for the first poster as he’s questioning his magick process if it working or not as he’s not confident.

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I will delete these and try to explain on pm lol

I compared several methods to contact one of the 72, Tempest, the Archangels and Angels James Simpson book, Brand, Kadmon, Zanna Blaise. I even read some stuff by Aaron Leitch, he is so far ahead of me I just kind of gave up. The Simpson book was also more than I could comfortably chew on. I have been up to my neck in Shem ha Maphoresh this holiday weekend.

I am pretty sure I contacted Raziel once with Woodcroft’s method, but the Tempest one could really streamline the process. Although Woodcrofts method is pretty simple, I like the sigils/signature method because I can see them doing weird stuff. (changing colors, shadows on the images move, lines get thicker and thinner, this type of stuff)

It just seems that it would be enormously helpful to me to have some sort of spirit/angel/entity to help me wade through all of this stuff.
Here is a weird question, don’t most people work their way up the tree of life, how is it that Raziel is in Chokmah and seems to be everybody’s favorite guide angel. Shouldn’t he/she be the last angel we get to talk with?

Raziel is a vast and mighty being, with many different faces. He cannot be contained to only one Sephiroth. One of his faces is believed to be the Enochian angel ARZL, for example.

Remember, things like the Tree of Life and the Qlippoth are merely maps. No being, angel or demon, is confined to them.


I’m glad someone disagrees with me. If everyone all thought the same way we’d just be sheep bleating around controlled by some shepherd. Not to imply that things aren’t that way already.

I honestly have no motivation to have an opinion either way, but I guess I’ll respond. My gut instinct is that this guy is just appropriating the method (he literally said he did this on his blog) to sell some books. If you want I could write out fanciful scenery and poetic descriptions in a similar style for any spirit that you want. That doesn’t mean that it will be a genuine method of connecting with the spirit that will work for anyone.

The thing with magick is that literally anything can work to some extent or another. The magick I am interested in is the magick that works the most reliably, precisely, quickly, usefully, and with regard to my genuine desires.

If this guy’s stuff works for you then that’s great. I’ll just say that anyone can sit down at a piano and push some buttons, but how many can carry a simple melody, and how many can spontaneously create moments moving through time that reach beyond words and tug at feelings that cannot be described?

Yeah maybe you don’t want me writing those poetic descriptions, that was pretty fuckin lame. It’s supposed to be an allegory for how magick shapes a life. I want a Herbie Hancock playing the keys for me, not some shallow popstar who claps on 1 and 3, if you catch my drift.


I haven’t read his blog, but I have worked his method and had good results. In his books, Tempest says he created the pathworkings in conjunction with the angels themselves, and Theodore Rose makes a similar claim in LHD, (Damon Brand says the same in his books as well) so I personally see no reason to disbelieve one over the other. :man_shrugging:

Coming from a background of ceremonial ritual, I originally thought visionary magick was too simple to be effective, no matter if it was Lucifer and the Hidden Demons or Raziel’s Paths of Power, but my experience had proven me wrong.

While I find the pompousness of Theodore Rose to be quite off putting (“only we have the keys to the true Lucifer, and all the thousands of other magicians are dealing with thoughtforms and egregores, blah, blah, blah” :roll_eyes:) he does have some solid information in his book, some of which actually confirms some conclusions I have come to on my own.

Aren’t we all? :slight_smile:


If it works for you then that’s great. I tend to not trust occult works that have not been tested by groups of working occultists whom I believe to be of sufficient knowledge and skill for my standards. It’s the same for scientific work. I wouldn’t trust something that hasn’t made it through peer-review, and by peer-review I mean people highly educated in the subject matter. I wouldn’t take a drug some guy cooked up in his garage, and that tends to be my attitude towards magick.

I would never claim to have the “one true way” for anything. If I did I would hope that someone would point that out and call me out on my bullshit. If you read the book you mentioned you will find that the author(s) makes no such claim either.

What they do is point out that the sigil you most commonly see for Lucifer online nowadays is itself a distortion of the original Grimoire Verum sigil for “Lucifer in Asia.” There is a “Lucifer Pentacle” that’s supposed to be the main image, which I have used to call another demon. That ritual worked, but I can see why the author(s) believes it to connect you to a mere shadow of the full powers of Lucifer, which are much more far-reaching. I have tried using the “Lucifer in Asia” sigil, but nothing really happened. Perhaps that is just because the invocation I used was extremely vague and read more like a devotional prayer than a magickal formula, but the energy from that sigil is much different than what I experience using the LHD pathworking.

The author, who (presumably) represents a group of people who (presumably) have worked together and with these demons since 1955, also claims that Lucifer magick goes back far before biblical times, and that much of the “true knowledge” has been passed down in secret, and was presumably accurately recorded most fully in The Abramelin and in private grimoires hidden from the public, which they presumably have access to. They claim that the GV is based on corrupted ideas and corrupted sigils, corrupted here meaning distortions of ideas and images that represent the full breadth and depth of the power of Lucifer, not just a mere slice of it. I am not a trained scholar of history well-educated in these matters, so I can only speak from my experience and place my trust with those whom I find trustworthy. The quality of the work presented in LHD was sufficient for me to give it a try, and the results have been abundant and life-changing. I have also read the latest translation of The Abramelin, and agree, bearing in mind my limited knowledge and point of view, that the text was truly intended to pass down the demon names and hint at the power of the magick. Perhaps there is more in the text. I do not know, as my ability to study it is limited by my limited perspective.

I don’t expect many people to like my true personality, which is reflected to a surprising degree by the tone of LHD, but just because you do not like the way someone speaks does not mean that they are wrong. This reminds me of a thought I’ve had recently. It never fails to amuse me when people try to assert themselves as an authority by quoting the number of years they have been involved with something. I could give two fucks how many years you’ve been doing magick, what I care about is what you have achieved and the knowledge and skill you have acquired. I tend to learn things much more quickly than other people because I have cultivated the ability to learn and enrich my mind with a variety of quality material that challenges and expands me. People with more “experience” than me get all defensive when I can perform better than them when I have been doing the thing for less than half the time they have. “Ah, but I’ve been doing this for twenty years sonny, you should listen to your elders! Look at my mediocre results and my equally mediocre life, don’t you have so much to learn from me??” Yeah, fuck off. It’s not my fault if you can’t handle the truth when it is laid bare before you.


Yes not keen on Pathworking, doesn’t work for me, mainly because I’m not good at it, would rather feel the presence of a spirit, there’s always the suspicion, with Pathworking, that it’s the imagination at play, although I know some occulists swear by it!
Not sure about Tempest, got his first book on Razael, which has you say is like reading Woodcroft or Brand, but not as good!
He is certainly the rising star at the moment in the occult world.
See he flogs attuments under the Occult Awakening Shop, he runs on Esty, which has over 3,000 sales!
These attunments are ‘chi balls’ which he claims are balls of energy that are
,obtained from a Spirit , that Tempest emails out to the buyer, to attune to.
Umm not so sure you can tap into a particular spirits divine energy, via email?!
He certainly been busy though has Tempest, he has attuned into all the energy fields of the 72 Angels of the Shem, all the Goetia Demons, and even Jesus.
Must be a talented Man or a fake?

He doesn’t send them via email, he sends them to you and emails you when they’re ready.

Yes I know that but the point is can you send divine energy through the Internet?!?