Thank you sir.

If you’re astral sense of hearing is developed you’ll hear him speak imo. I never heard King Paimon speak unless I was in meditation, that too most of it was visual and I felt it. I usually burn my petitions and get confirmation with the way it burns and I get a vision of the petition being accepted. How do you usually know if a petition has worked?

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Thank you

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Welcome :+1:

You could also try a prayer to Lucifer, I used to pray to him and he answered

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I still failed :disappointed: did I do something wrong with this petition? Upon starting my computer up I felt his presence and heard him and everything

You failed the exam?


It was unlikely to work on such short time tbh.


Yes, I agree. I also recommend studying and getting your magick ready way before such an important exam.

Lord knows I’ve been in your situation one too many times!


I don’t understand why he simply didn’t tell me he couldn’t do it then, cause upon turning my computer on I felt his presence circulating in the class room and I heard him say “breath…breath…stay calm” so it seemed like he was there to help

It’s okay, the timeframe was a bit too tight. Time is not linear in the astral but sadly it’s linear here.

Did you petition him to help you write or to help you pass? The wording matters too…

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I wrote “to help me succeed so that I may obtain a minimum of 80% so I can stay in the program” so I guess paimon went with the best solution :confused: oh well, we magicians live and learn, I greatly appreciate his help though

Maybe you were tricking yourself :man_shrugging:

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What was the bare minimum to pass?

Burn an incense and send it upwards while focusing on my bringing the inward.


I mean by intuition and a gut feeling I knew that was him I just knew it, I feel as if I didn’t do something right, I don’t take this as a loss I take this as a learning curve. I don’t blame paimon nor do I blame myself, like I always say the best way to learn is by fucking up (trial and error)

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