Emergency love reading

I need one emergency reading for love please.
I really need help

Fading out of emergency in a bad way :pensive::pensive:

What do you mean? What’s the question?

There are members that post frequently offering free readings & scans, so be sure to browse the forum and search for threads labeled as such.

Also, why not just give a rundown of your situation, maybe some of the members here can guide you & give you some advice on what to do.


Well i’m person in love with a girl which i lost several times due to bad economic crisis in country (iran) and won her heart back several times afterwards in a period of 7 years.
I came here as help the last timr i lost her 2 years ago seeking help to improve myself economically. But the situation didn’t improved. Every project got canceled just before fruition. So after making her wait all these time she is kind of giving up on me all the hopes she had.
Just don’t know what to do. What is keeping me in my place.
Some say its your own doubt between you and your goals, some say someone is working against you. My feeling is a mixture of both.
Worked several ways of new avatar power. Working with king Paimon, Bune claunek. Astral projection decursing and recently white boarding and i dont know much more.
I just don’t know what can i do.
At the very edge of giving up on life. I think the only way one can help me is to use a great power to identify the problem and with a sure heart help me down the path

Even though i requested several tarot readings in the sections you said and got a reply that they gonna do a reading for me but never recieved any. And i really shouldn’t nag about it. Cause its not their job to do it for me. They’re just trying to help.

So what exactly is your question regarding this situation?

What should i do to reach what i want! What is holding me back.

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I’ll do your reading in abit.

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I’m starting to think there is sth wrong with me.
No one does a reading for me.

But please stop giving me empty hopes. Its not funny to say i will give you a reading and come back after a year to just say it again!

People get busy and sometimes forget. I will have it done for you in a little while.

So I pulled five cards: 3 of cups reversed, 8 of swords, the hanged man, 4 of staffs and the high priestess. So what I’m getting is that with the 3 of cups reversed you rely on other’s opinions of you way too much. You let other people define your self worth. When people no-longer acknowledge you in the way you want them to, you embrace the 8 of swords energy: self-loathing self-doubt, a perpetual pity party without an end. You have been stuck in this cycle for a while with the hanged man, and 4 of staffs seems to indicate that you need to stop being so hard on yourself and enjoy life more. The High Priestess and the hanged man in your reading seem to indicate a time of self-reflection is needed. The Priestess indicates that the change you want to see in your life is within your power. I hope this reading resonates.

Sorry, I initially confused temperance with the high priestess lol