Emergency Help!

Okay, normally I am not the person to ask people to cast for me but this is an emergency and I have never had luck for instant manifestation. I am in an area with a state of emergency going on and have been working on getting my person back, there has been a lot of movement. However, I need to manifest Him having me stay with Him during this for safety. Please. Or who should I petition for immediate (within 48 hour) results?

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If your person needs to be geographically closer to you you could petition Duke Bathin. This one deals heavily with logistics and movement/travels and works rather swiftly in my experience


That may work. It’s more of a mind control, getting Him to want me to be there.

Dantalion is said to be able to change someones thoughts about something (or someone). Maybe this one could help as well.


Thank you

I agree with Dantalion, and also Orias. Orias is great for mind control as well.

Sigh. Petitioned Dantalion pendulum confirmed he accepted… an hour later received text that the person is staying with ex wife’s folks