Email for questions?


I have no money but I have some questions I think EA Eric could answer me. if I gave an email out is there a way I can contact him?


Going to be honest man, he will not answer.

The only way he will talk to you is if you pay him to mentor you.

If you want to really get the best advice you gotta pay.


Post your questions in EA’s thread, There is no guarantee he will answer them, but if they are unique or interesting enough he just might. He has answered a few questions from members here on his Youtube channel.


I’m happy for EA, he has been given great knowledge and power. When I asked about him I was told he would be an incredible mentor. Also when I spoke about him I was told that his time with those he seeks knowledge is whining not for lack of his attention but because he will soon have no need for it he will be able to do all that he wishes by the power of his own hand. I have many questions for him aswell but I would suggest do as he did seek the knowledge and those who would like they did for him give you the same knowledge. Something that was told to me and if EA reads this he will know whom I am speaking “ Those who seek knowledge for themselves are destined to become their own teacher, those who seek others to give them knowledge they have attained are doomed to forever be pupils”. One does not become great because they seek to be an apprentice, they become great because they know they are already the magician.