ELriK's Spiritual Art & Photo Journal

Hello Everyone!
Although I’ve practiced Spiritual Affairs most of my life, it wasn’t until recently that I’ve decided to explore the “Left Hand Path”.
It turns out that much of what I’ve known is Practiced & Basically Mainstream amongst those on the "Highway of The Left Hand.
I come to you with a Humble Heart & I’m ready to learn.
Thank you All for being written amongst the Stars that Make my Destiny.
In this thread, I’m only going to share a fraction of my experiences because I will Share Only what I’m “Alowed” or have Been “Permitted” to Share.


Welcome! I wish you good luck. Stay protected. :black_heart:

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After consecrating my Bedroom and enjoying the “Sacred space”, I was “nudged” to draw these symbols on top of one another, hence creating a sort of SigiL.
emphasized text


This Interesting Photo was taken during “Sacred Space”. There are many details that I will leave out and not mention. However, It was dark and I took some Photos.
Isn’t it Beautiful?!?

• This came out of the wall from the Above Photo.

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An Interesting fact about the 1st photo that I shared; (attached to this comment)
The Spirits actually helped with drawing it.
They actually took it upon themselves to Sharpen Every millimetre of it!!!
Upon analysis, “they” not only Sharpened the curves but it seems as if each converging line/crossroad acted as a destination or elevator, or a station of some sort. Many will not believe but those who are not unfamiliar with this phenomena will also believe Me when I say that “you could literally watch small penciled entities use the *SigiL as if going about business while travelling across the mediums and going through random crossroads or converging points.”
It was a True Blessing to Witness And I plan on Making Another while hoping to get a similar Response.
• Also, I noticed an anomaly with the photo. While zooming in, you can notice a “Grid” that is almost invisible. I’m not sure what that is but I’m sure it’s not the filter I used to give it colour. Maybe you have an explanation for it?

• Personaly looking back at my Drawing and acknowledging that it was Touched by Devinity is more than a privilege. It was Ultimately The Ultimate Honour.

This sketch is Very Special and I’m hoping there may be someone who knows what this is.
Besides being a Powerful Entity, I have received News that it is a Guardian of mine And I’m Floored at this idea because I know that it is a No Mercy, Kill Efficiently Titan Killer.

Ever Hear of Automatic writing?
This is Automatic Drawing


  • Note how the Pencil seems to be effected by the Entity’s influence.

My 1st piece of “Spirit Art” was initially something else altogether and later metamorphosized into who I reference as My Guardian.

Both Worlds mirror each other (as above so below) & a part of my Legion who inspired the Art gave me an example through a “Parable” so to speak. I say it was like a parable because the Pitbull represents Loyalty, Strength, fearlessness, ferociousness & Companionship.
• It was made known to me that The Pitbull & Guardian Spirit share some of the same attributes.

I drew a Pitbull as Practice for a project I was to do in a friend’s living room BUT I was Compelled to erase a part of it and Began to draw the Creature who I now call my Guardian.

Here, You see the beginning of the Transformation.

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