Elmera Does It Again

Agreed, as someone that is more versed in Vodou than Palo, the entire concept of the course runs counter to everything I’ve discovered while serving them.

That said, the spirits choose who serve them and not vice versa. I won’t comment on any perceived status of Koetting’s legitimacy (at least in the current), as I don’t care either way.

I will bring to the table a lesson I’ve learned from the spirits, early in my career: even the most antithetical creations serve a purpose, and that the games such beings and their counterparts play sometimes crawl for millenia.

“There are schematics for everything.”


Well said.

I only personally read a fraction EA’s book. My experience with the Loa happened before I even received it. Spontaneous mind blowing event actually, but anyways. That door is closed for now with Legba’s council, and I am absolutely certain that respect, harmony with the world and those “high” attitudes help pave the way to Loa proper. Decency, and reverence, otherwise you can unleash a firestorm.

Gloating about golden trinkets, melding metal with your face to act like a veritable peacock and being an asshole in public, like on youtube however are not generally attitudes a spiritual human would choose to display. Forgetting about Voodoo and Palo for a moment, I ask, who the hell would want someone with Elmera’s attitude anywhere near them? There is no F’ING way this guy’s roots and spiritual inclinations are as legit as he makes them out to be. He may have gotten training, but either his masters or he himself are twisted.

No way.

If any organization charges for an initiation towards being a gigantic asshole, then i’m sorry man … you wind up with the same voices in your heads and magick synchronicities as the rest of us occultists, and yawl got fucking ripped off. You got raped in a way even. Organizations like that would the god damn amway / avon of spirituality. A veritable multi-level marketing and pyramid scheme with nothing but smoke and petty, greedy men at its core. It would be like … Scientology.

k, that was rude sorry. lol

Thanks for keeping civil everybody!

Btw, congrats on sticking with a discipline. I know nothing of Palo Mayombe, but congrats and keep it up. I’m sure its wonderful.

Although I proclaimed that I don’t need anybody, such as a spiritual group or teachers, it would be nice to be part of something.

Just so were clear. Just because i agree with Elmera on one instance alot of stuff he says pisses me off. Im a white guy too. Im only alittle Cuban and i dont speak spanish so i know what white people go through in the atrs. I was lucky i met the right people so i guess im lucky. But i came to this religion because my life was destroyed and i needed help fixing it. A woman was trying to kill me for 10 years. Paying someone to destroy my life. Now she has to pay someone so my muertos wont kill her.


I respect your opinion about iniation but for me thats what i prefer. Ive seen crazy things happen in real life not what people claim on a forum real first hand results with palo and ifa. Ive seen people die as a result of spells in Palo. Ifa is crazy. Just one recent example. My godbrother got picked up on watrrant. He was in jail for 3 days the judge said that my gpdbrother was going to stay in jail for another 3 weeks. My godfather dod something to get him out and my godbrother was out of jail with no bail in 8 hours. That Ifa


Wow cool! Oh initiation can be a wonderful thing, in an order that isn’t out to horde power, intimidate and scam people. Working with forces that people don’t understand is one thing. Treating people like idiots and marks to be scammed is another.

I may be LHP, but that is for free will and personal power. Being an asshole and acting like I’m a keeper of some sacred elite knowledge that oh say Chinese people are excluded from, doesn’t jive at all with me.

I thought that those with true power work in the shadows, and don’t make crazy public proclamations that open the organization to attack.

Our friend Elmo may not be as smart as he thinks he is. Some people in his group must think he’s an embarrassment.

Ifa is the best. Anything else is just childs play. To the point where people Hate us cause they aint us. Its lonley at tge top.


I can see jealousy being a factor.

I this the guy who charges like $1500 to do the Intranquil spirit?