Eligos and his lending of power

As promised to Eligos, I promised a praise and thank you post to him.
Soo I’ve been practicing and working with different Gods , goddesses and spirits who work under the energies of Love and lust. Trying Different methods , As In meditation an visualization , spell work and rituals along with love and lust rites . Seeing how they effect not only targeted people. But the success i see from doing general meditations and speaking incantations to attract a large number of woman. I’ve seen woman act an entire fool over me that other wise wouldn’t know I existed without these spirits . i say all of this because Last night a friend of mine was dealing with a loveless and sexless relationship , she told me she missed the sex they use to have, and wanted their passion back . I’ve had so many small wins in this side of the occult, i was like ,well shit < i could FIX that for you. And low and behold not even a day goes by. the spell I had done is already working she tells me . And this is a big part And thanks to Eligos because I asked him to lend me The lust energy I needed For this to Be a success. And now, It seems that kinky sex is about to START the FUCK up for my friend again ! LOL, I also did an amazing tarot reading with Furcas, before the spell and saw MAJOR success in all areas , so just in that My energy going into the spell was "EASY AS FUCK " ahaha
SO HAIL ELIGOS , and if you need him , call on him, hes a GREAT add to work with when doing ANYTHING love and lust related , He will lend you his energy for whatever you need , He is ALSO getting his own box of incense to burn as offerings . Nothing wrong with going a lil all out for out spirit friends , specially when they hep not only us, but other people we know . one last HAIL, and goodnight. *First post in ah while too, hello you beautiful bastards


haha fuck yeah eligos is dope

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