Eligor for court case

Hi, very new here and I wanted to run this by more experienced people to see if I should be doing anything else.
I had 2 legal matters pending, the first one I tried using a few hoodoo methods of dealing and wow did that not help at all. I mean like stuff actually got worse before it ended, so I am not going to waste my time doing that again.

While I was looking at some things about court case spells and charms online I came across some info that Eligor was helpful with court matters. So this is what I did, let me know if I should do more or something else, totally open to ideas:
I put his sigil facing north, lit a candle and sandlewood incense, closed my eyes and chanted his enn until I sensed that there was a significant brightening, like it was dark and then suddenly it became bright. I opened my eyes and stated my request, thanked him, left an offering of hard alcohol, and closed the ceremony.

I submitted a request to the court today for ruling on whether the statute of limitations has run out. There is supposed to be a hearing in a week but I am hoping that the court will dismiss it because it is time barred.
Any ideas?

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how did it go? sounds promising.

It didn’t go well.

I settled at the last minute because it became very apparent that this particular judicial zone was corrupt, small town stuff. Really clan-ish mentality, and I as an outsider was never going to get treatment that was just.

Some things are just not possible, me asking for this judge to take my side was the equivalent of a parapalegic asking to become an olympic gymnast, it simply was not in the realm of what is possible. I should have done some divination ahead of time and saved myself the effort and settled sooner, but I had such confidence because I was in the right. But thats the problem with corrupt judicial systems, you can be right and still get screwed.