If you use the Google Search Engine, underneath the Search-Bar is a list of different things like: All, Images, Videos right up to Tools on the right hand side. A lot of people seemingly never use these. I do. I type in stuff like Greek pharmaceuticals, Italian suicide rates, Spanish medical system, economic recovery etc. I press News and then limit my searches to specified times as provided when you press Tools (on the right hand side).

I keep a constant eye on silver pries. I’ve read history, studied (heretical) economics and these episodes play out to a pattern – all of them. (Hint, the collapse of empires and modern America. In this regard the collapse of the Roman Empire and the reasons for it deserve study.) If you can, it wouldn’t hurt if you got yourself prepared. Even if I’m wrong and deluded there’s no harm in preparation.

I am resolved to the inevitable battle. I will shed my incarnation, so I’ll be working quickly while I can. I have seen dimly and feel strongly what is coming. It’ll be like nothing else – Ever! And there’ll be energies to harvest and direct. Lots of blood, death and (almost physical) energies to collect. If you haven’t already, practice energy work by adopting the body position of the rune Elhaz with palms facing skyward. The energies you call in from the atmosphere will flow down your straight arms collecting around your solar plexus and if you keep your arms straight at all times the energy will flow down your arms and from your palms when directed or you can cross your arms across your chest to retain that energy (at least for some time).

Trust me: In a very real sense, Magick is about energy manipulation and that’s why this little exercise is just so important. And it isn’t hard, but you’ll never master it in a couple of tries. Sure you’ll get results but not the sorts of results you’ll get with practice. Try it barefoot, wearing shoes, inside and outside. Then reverse the process and call dark energies up through your feet from the Earth. This exercise costs little in terms of time and produces results. I know because I do it.

You should keep notes as well, but what would I know?

P.s. I recommend physical, in your hand, weight and purity stamped silver, inter alia.