ELEVN The Magician Social Network ( Work in Progress )


As many of you knows me, Im always looking for new ideas and approachs. Because of my background in technology, working on my personal blueprints of my Empire, I decided that is a good moment to start a project called “ELEVN”.

This will be a microblogging platform, based on open source software, focus on give to the magicians a place for share content, their own business and many other stuff they have, in a common place. The access to the network will be by invitation only. Im testing different platforms, to make it descentralized, due to the privacy reasons and “no control” over the user. Actually I have my own server with 40GB of bandwith ready to launch probably in february when the software tested locally will be uploaded.

This is the only one forum where i will post this offering for this moment probably i will launch in other forums when the project grows and become stronger or the voice become so strong that cannot be stopped. The reason is simple: I made new friends here, and the occult or magick community has a lack of connection globally, insted of books, works and many other stuff.

The service will be free for the user, and the idea is make a new place for magicians to stay in touch. Responsive design and many other stuff is requireefrd to make the software ready for mobile and many other stuff required.

I used a .tk domain not for the free access to that domain, the main the short access to that domain and the easy way to move the DNS to my server fast. The dowtime of my servers are 1% each 2 years, so, the infrastructure is secure and trusted.

So, feel free to claim your invitation only requirement, if you wish.

so, lets roll…


They have occult forums on TOR. Shit I need to check that shit out.


That would be bad ass to have a magician forum on the darknet, you could set up shop so people could buy and sell relics and fetish items that would be risky selling on the main stream! I would love to join, u will recive my request shortly.


yes, I know, that in onion theres a lot of microblogging platform with a lot of information, Darknet even more, but, for that instance I consider pretty enough and public accesible a public but invitation only site. But trhe idea is good, aftewards


That would be bad ass to have a magician forum on the darknet, you could set up shop so people could buy and sell relics and fetish items that would be risky selling on the main stream! I would love to join, u will recive my request shortly. [/quote]

Yes I understan the topic, but for instance, I want to keep it specific to the goal which is a microblogging platform for magicians and occultists.I dont seems that I dont have further plans for the platform, but for a start is a good approach to create a place for share things…

About deepweb, I think the Darknet has its own resources in private,so there is darknet bringing stuff everyday, elevn will be the first approach to reach a critical mass of people “like us” in a social network context with no much effort that post and share things and communicate which the factor that we have lack of contact generally. One of the things that is not happening on the Magick community, instead of the monolitic forums ( which are the only way by now to keep a conversation )is a fluent way to stay in touch with others like you and me.

Regards and thaks, and spread the voice…


Probably I was misunderstood. Im NOT SAYING that BALG forum is wrong, I think that has a resource like a microblogging in the peak of the iceberg of internet, is a good idea. Im not trying to say “balg or evocation magic is wrong”, I looking for to expand the boundaries, sometimes, related the access to forum, theres a lot of potential magis out there, new generations, that moves in other levels of technology, no more, no less. comparising balg forum is a misconception, its a new project by myself to bring to magical community, not to replace anything…

message understood?


I personally think you shouldn’t go with TOR. Go with an offshore bulletproof VPS as well as getting VPN to hide the IP. This keeps you fully anonymous. TOR is too easily found.


agreed with the concept but Im not intended to create a group, just release a service for magicians to use it,period…
someone will find useful…someone dont…its there to be used if you wish…no more…no less…


Indeed i was taking a copying the Eric concept of “straight to results” and bring a service publicly available for anyone of you wanna share their works, sell your articles, books, whatever, and meet other likeminded people…the project has its extention…can inspire someone to take another risk and create something else better? good! , thats the idea…

we are entering in an open source time for Magick like Timothy said on some threads…ok, lets enter on it…


[quote=“Sukujin”]Cool, Korgon. No disrespect or anything, I was just wondering where you were coming from. Sounds Good.

As for TOR, VPNs and all that, I don’t know that much about deep security, I am just familiar with the TOR network and its easy to use.[/quote]
I didnt feel at disrespect, im extremly passionate on thoughts :slight_smile: , of course the use of Tor will increase the security , but many people has not computer skills even to enter in darknet cause mostly used windows, and for a complete secure access to that level of internet linux or bsd is required…