Elephantine - Hello everyone

Hello, I am Elephantine , am from South India.

Last ten years, I practised Eastern meditational practices like Yoga, Kundalini meditation so on. Due to it the energy meridians and channels became open and sensitive. Around 2016, I picked up Gallery of Magick books where I felt the presence of spirits/entities/angels invoked and was pleasantly surprised. Thats how my foray into hands-on western magick started.

I am here in BALG, after dabbling with Goetia (Gordon winterfield) a bit. I started seeing LHP through the eyes of its practitioners and it gave me a whole new outlook on why a segment of people chose to follow a different power structure.

My goals are to attain gnosis in all possible ways. Hone my psychic skills - vision especially and also develop my energy reservoirs regularly to astral
project. My Dabblings were limited to angels, ascended masters before. Here to understand and get a perspective of these thought currents.

Currently learning about NAP, Ben Woodcroft, Henry Archer type of magick.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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