Elementals and Black Magick

Im Deeply Interested in how Black Magick Works With The Creepy Elemental Psychic Beings From The Realms Beyond The Physichal and tangiable level.does anyone know of secret mantras and rituals to reach the elemental beings from the fire realms of djinn and Yamadutas.The Occult art of Putanivigrah is the art of invading peoples dreams in the astral via elemental spirit power.in order for the curse to work you will and desire must reach these elemental spitit beings in the astral layers.the curse must be delivered to the elemental beings for them to work the curse. it has to reach the elementals through extreme desire and will to push through the astral layers to reach these spirits.this is what black magick is,working with low magick. The Highest form of witchcraft is Rajo magick,which is called Abramelin Magick,High Magick etc.Which is the most powerfull magick you can get into.can anyone give advice on working with lower astral beings and black magick.

Well…do any of these help?


I think it’s best to emphasize a few things.Elemental Magic is not White Magic,nor is it Black Magic.

But it can be approached with a LHP or RHP mindset.If that’s what you mean.There is variation in this,but I believe that RHP-oriented Elemental Magic is meant to be more intent on ‘‘blending into the All’’,whereas LHP-oriented Elemental Magic focuses on making yourself more perfect,furthering your connection with the elements and making you a Lord of this World,a master of fire,water,earth and air.

Thus,to approach this with a LHP mindset,I think you should go straight for the Kings and Queens,fearlessly evoke them,and work with them to improve yourself,and make them teach you to control the elements.

So…a pactworking may be good for this,once you get to know these spirits?

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well banefull magick,i guess considered to be black magick.darker spirits and elementals.everyone has their opinion.but shamanism and working with the elementals in the astral levels can be dark.

From what I have learned from Krehl’a’teral about the elementals is you need to be linked to them, know them. We are in union with these elements. Your body contains water,fire,earth and wind/air. You should seek all four elements to empower your understanding of you! No matter what path you are on, I do a ritual to the elements ever three mouths.
So yes this will help you in all forums of magick because you are one with yourself

where is this persons website that you learned from. Krehlateral.