Elemental question

So who or what governs lightening or electricity?

Fire of Air is most prominant in electricity from what I’ve noticed.

Hey, Black Phoenix! You ARE a thinker, aren’t you? I’ve noticed you like the “out there” subjects that get liitle coverage in the average magickal tome. I do not know the definitive answer. But what I do know is that lightening/ electricity has always been assigned to the domain of the Spirit level - is beyond attachment to the elementals and elements of the Earth. We can mimic it, generate it and even direct its flow … but we do not KNOW it. It is currently beyond clear boundaries & eludes absolute understanding from whence it came … or goes - like “Spirit” Itself. :wink: Z

Thanks for the comment!!! I have always found it fascinating that it is never mentioned much in any txt. The only place I have ever heard it mentioned was in Taoist Master Chaung. I think lightning is a very interesting topic in magick especially now a day since mastery of its use could deliver get power it its user … but thats just my .02