Elemental magical working

In Bardon’s work IIH he talks about the magician should always exhale the element after inhaling it after the number of inhaling. However, what happens if instead of exhaling the element invoke the opposite element right after.

Inhaling fire element and inhaling water element.
Inhaling air element and inhaling earth element.

Is it dangerous?

Also do there exists mantras for the elements just like the chakras?

You can see all 4 is invoked for equilibrium but they are not invoked at the same areas of your body. You can check out on Rawn Clarks commentary to see what I am talking about.

Its not THAT dangerous. Bardon was overcautious with everything to the point of great annoyance to the reader, to be honest. And this is one of those things you should find out but invoking opposing principles brought just about nothing in my experience.

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