Elemental Kings


I was curious if anyone has done any work with any of the Elemental Kings?




Yeah, I’ve called up King D-Jinn…Almost burned my patio down in the process but it was well worth the conversation I held with that spirit! And I’ve called G-hob and he appeared as an African Herdsman to me with his Queen. A pretty bad ass experience with both entities! I highly recommend evoking the elemental kings. Also working on an evocation of Paralda soon.


Did you ask them about the physical manipulation of the elements?
I have always been interested in this.


I asked D-jinn about fire, and yes just calling his name into the flames was the burst of energy the fire needed to jump up and set part of my patio on fire! lol…I also asked him about harnessing the fire within and using it for physical exercise. Worked so far, can call upon the name D-jinn while working out and get a second wind or a burst of energy.


Did you ask them about the physical manipulation of the elements?
I have always been interested in this.[/quote]

That’s what I was wondering about. I was going to ask the same question Tania. ZachD555 what was your experience with Ghob like?


I worked with Nichsah at one point, when I was trying to master the water element. It was a long time ago though so it was more or less unproductive. I was told that strapping a small scroll of music sheet of a calming and cooling song next to your ear will actually cause your energies to cool down. Never got around to trying it. But it was one of those beginning evocations where you aren’t sure if you’re just making it up or not.


yes I evoked G-hob. He appeared to me as the African Tribesman. He introduced me to his wife, Kee-no-vah the queen of all the Earth. She was riding a great white beast like a tiger and was a Jamaican lady, with a full patwa accent. She was really cool, and kept callin me a white boi! She promised to bring the fruits of the earth to me as a reward for my work. A few other things as well. I’ve seen a big boost to my business since evoking Ghob and Quiniva.