Elemental And Natural Magick ~ Planetary Magick

There have been several requests for a section for Planetary Magick in recent months so (barring objections by the Admins, of course!) for now, this sub-forum seems like a good place to post these kinds of works, as it already contains a few posts of that type.

Some useful things:

The Seven Classical Planets ~ Wikipedia Entry: this provides a good overview of the subject of planetary magick and plenty of links and terms to research further.

Heavens Above Full Sky Chart: can be set to any location and time, to give you a snapshot of the planets and constellations in the sky above you. Super little site that’s not too graphics-intensive.

aa.usno.navy.mil/data: "This data service provides the times of rise, set, and transit for the major solar system bodies and selected bright stars. The output table also includes azimuth at rise and set as well as altitude at transit. Data will be provided for a three year period from 1 January of the preceding year through 31 December of the following year. " A classic must-have link, thank you American taxpayers! :slight_smile:

Google.com: there’s a lot of information about planetary magick, planetary talismans and ideas for using them, including on commercial sites I’m not going to link here, so don’t be afraid to search the wider web for information!

There are several software programs, usually free to download, that will give you a graphic illustration of the sky (like a planetarium for your desktop) and also programs that will calculate planetary hours - I won’t link to any specific ones lest people take that, in a pinned thread, as a recommendation to install it or something, which I don’t have the technical knowledge to make given that I don’t know your system’s specs, but you now know they exist and can do your own research! :slight_smile:

Finally, an interesting and, I think, important newsletter by E.A. that touches on the subject of astrology: Smashing The Shackles Of Your Slavery - a useful bit of balance IMO.

Image : Plate 32 from “Urania’s Mirror” by Sidney Hall, restored by Adam Cuerden