Ekettera's Personal Journal

Not much to say here. I already had a journal but that’s just filled with speculations and meh…

I’m currently trying to improve my focus abilities and open my spiritual sight. I’m making progress slowly. I’ve befriended archangels.

I’ve got a kindle library bursting with occult literature. GOM, the Simon Necronomicon, E. A’s WOD, I even have the lauded IIH by Franz Bardon.

I’m probably going to learn how to make a servitor. Maybe a dark spirit. I don’t see why I can’t even though GOM is pretty “Love and Light”.

Going to start meditating daily and practice visualization skills. I’m thinking about doing IIH though I’ll probably have to power through the ramblings in the theory section.

I think I’m experiencing choice paralysis. :sweat_smile:


Spoke to Bualu after a tongue thrashing, I looked as she stood in the light and I gave a speech about how I want to be better. When I said "I am worthy " I saw her wings expand to enormous lengths.

I want work with Bualu. Might buy this soon so I can be closer to her.



My old account

filled with neurosis and overthinking magick. I feel like I’m attaining critical spiritual mass and it’s…interesting to look at my progress. A spiritual babe madly grasping for this new, more subtle world.

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I did a pathworking last night where I met King Paimon. We spoke for a little while. I was a little scared, but he was pretty nice. I asked if he would help me train my clairs. He wants me to draw his sigil and we will do the training exercises.