Egyptian pantheon

Is there any special way or specific process/procedure to summon Egyptian gods/goddesses?
Or do guys just do it same as summoning demons/angels?

Also can I use their hieroglyphs and pictures on Wikipedia as sigils? Or is that not doable.

All info appreciated.


However you make contact with other spirits should suffice to get their attention, most of them are very eager for it.

Yes, you absolutely can use hieroglyphs and pictures and of course once you get to know them, they probably will give you personal sigils to use.


In my experience Egyptian gods are relatively easy to summon (about as easy to summon as Lucifer, for a comparison), but are by no means any less powerful than other gods. You don’t even really need a unique sigil for them and the hieroglyphic names are powerful portals (essentially they are a god’s Ren, or name of the soul). The Egyptians thought of their gods as aspects of the earth and life, regardless of whether they believed in the literal stories or not, and so the gods were part of their mundane and spiritual world every day. So you could technically summon Sobek or Tefnut or any other Nile/river/water deity just by finding a body of water and offering the chosen god something in return for a favor. For Sekhmet, my first summoning of her included rubies and the color red, because she’s known as the Red Lady. I didn’t even draw a sigil or use her written name, I just called out to her and concentrated on a little circle created by gems. She was quick to answer and worked miracles. Egyptian gods also can merge or have different aspects, which is a good thing to keep in mind.