Egyptian Magick Grimoires

Does anyone know of any Egyptian Magick Grimoires around that someone could purchase for an interest in Egyptian Magick?

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I’m not sure about books, but you might want to consider getting the Egyptian Black Magick course with Bill Duvendack that BALG offers.

Its in amazon a few but honestly look more history. The few i found were in finbarr, com. And etsy shop,. Com. finbarr is a booklet. $28,on wtsy shop is like $6.ebook.u b happy to purchase tat ebooks, plus nathan elkana, grimore

I and its a russian lady i tnk ekaterina which has a grimoire. Tall book. She live in vegas or outside where she runs a Egyptian temple, her book is cool i tnk she s ukranian or Russian.

EA Wallis Budge has books on Egypt Magick you can look it up on Amazon.

I have only read one and it is called Ancient Egyptian Magic By Bob Briers

Saying that have another book which I’ve only part read called The Egptian Book of the Dead (The Book Of Going Forth By Day). It is a collaboration of works by : Dr Ogen Goelet,JR. Dr Raymond O. Faulkner, Carol A. R. Andrews, J. Daniel Gunther and James Wasserman,on the Papyrus of Ani.

Enoch Petrucelly wrote a grimoire specifically for the Egyptian pantheon. You can find it here: