Egyptian Gods

Tbh you came off as a little rude here.

Chaos does not denote the subjective term of evil.


It’s a difference between the term “evil” and “bad”. When I used that epithet, “pure manifestation of evil” I was reffering to the fact that Seth it’s a force that can’t be controlled by someone, a wild force, a manifestation of chaos. (for example, as it’s depicted in the myth, He crossed the barriers and didn’t care about the fact that Osiris was His brother and killed Him without any restrictions). He is an antihero figure, He’s the enemy of Horus, which that already makes Him being “evil”. Any deity/god/demon/angel/etc. can’t be controlled by someone (as some might think), but Seth it’s a great example that could demonstrate that. We’re at the hands of entities! I hope I clarified, but yeah, I don’t have something against if you consider that those terms are not synonyms.

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I’ve always thought of it more as Horus the spoiled little brat who cut his own mother’s head off in a childish tantrum, who refused to give his uncle anything.

I get what you say about chaos lol.

Set actually appears as a crocodile in green and grey beside the Set-animal appearance… I had short contact to Nut through my magic Amulett,
I have lost now (blue skin with golden spots from the Liber al vel Legis where she’s mentioned). She told me not much but that Yehova will never return again. He’s fallen, became human…

Set was originally the Egyptian God of the Sky, he became the Egyptian God of darkness when Osiris Cult took over and created a duality between them. Set was a sky God, Horus and Set cult predated Osiris’s. There’s also due to the enemy group who worshipped a god known as Sutekh that was basically another name for Set and when that enemy invaded the Egyptian believed that Set sides with their enemy and further pushed him towards darkness.

I have experiences with Anubis. He is great at helping to “lay to rest” what needs to be for you to move on with life. For me, he also guided me into some much needed isolation in order to deal with my self loathing and desire for death (two years of bare minimal human contact after working with him, which eventually lead to the Death Ritual that released me from the prison of my own mind. This was part of my journey, not what he may do for others). Treat him with the respect he deserves (made that mistake due to my arrogance) but do not fear him. He also seems to like chicken for some reason and expects you to share the meal with him when making an offering (food waste was a big no no in Ancient Egypt). Water is a great offering as well.


Yehova is that Jehovah?

Before Covid, I decided to work with Hermetic magick. But I wanted to maintain a polytheistic stance, so I wanted to try out the Neteru (Egyption Pantheon). I’m attracted to gods of knowledge, so I specifically wanted to work with Thoth, but still held an interest in Anubis and Set. This is actually reminiscent of my favorite Tarot cards; the magician (power through knowledge), the death (death and rebirth), and the devil (acknowledging the carnal/primal self).

I collected books on the subject, including the emerald tablets which detailed the myth of “Thoth the Atlantean”. As I continued to read about the Egyptian system, particularly the concept of Ma’at (universal righteousness), and meditated on Thoth, my interest began to fade. Thoth is aligned with light. He seems to be about spiritual absolutes and serving a greater purpose. I view myself as being aligned with darkness. I’m about challenging the status quo and serving my own needs (in alignment with the needs of others when possible). Frankly, I view light as being rigid and sometimes hypocritical. I like to say I’d rather call myself a villain but do heroic deeds to serve my own self-interest than to call myself a hero and do villainous deeds “For the greater good.” So, I needed a god of knowledge who acknowledges how life is not black and white and was more flexible with what he/she considers right and wrong.

In the end I realized I just didn’t have the connection I wanted. And due to politically oriented stuff, I wasn’t sure if it was right for me to work with them anyway. I decided to stick with the Christian side of Hermeticism (for now). I met a guy who displayed more of a connection than I did with Neteru, calling Bastet his main deity. It may be due to his African heritage. I gave him my books on Egyptian magick.

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Yeah, thats a new age book. Not the hermetic one. The hermetic emerald tablet is just a small text.

I’m at a point where I’m not sure what is or isn’t New Age.

The Neteru are probably some of the most powerful beings in the universe, they’re initiating people again these days in higher numbers, old priests and priestesses, demigods reincarnate, I was initiated by them along with baphomet and some dragons

They played a huge role in my ascension but also dealing with archons and fallen angelic jehovian collectives

Egypt was more like a legacy of the Osirification rites, it was mainly formed to hold records of the angelic metamorphosis transformation which is the biblical resurrection of Jesus and Osiris.

I wouldn’t get too stuck on it, I’d just take the knowledge and work with the deities, check out Enoch Petrucelly- Grimoire of the Neteru and Coming into light techniques of Ancient Egyptian Magick smth like that, those are the best books I’ve found so far

Additionally you can check out Sekhem Heka

If I were you though I’d connect with them first hand, they are beings of Gold, masters of Order and Chaos

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chaos is different from evil. chaos is disarray and mass confusion when evil is intentional wrong doing. Aphosis is the Egyptian entity for chaos and set is the entity of evil