Egyptian God

Ever since I was a child I could remember to have being living before one certainly memory still sticks with me to this day.

As I have grown I have rememberd that I have indeed had other pat lives and I am able to learn things much more quickly than others as it is like o have done it before once I attain a basic concepts…

Researching more into Egyptian mythology I have realised that I am much older and through readings throughout my life have learned that that my soul is very old… About 8000 roughly of earth’s years

Post about your experiences with magick if any, what you do, where youre from if comfortable.

It seems you might be more suited in the OKC rather than occult community.

Magic is what we call science now friend.

My post still stands follow the rules:

you can call it science but it still does not change what you are required to do. This is an occult forum, no one is going to automatically accept your claims of being Usir/Osiris, you would have more success with that in the smaller otherkin communities.

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Ok but how could I prove it o want to, I have tried to deny it but too many things have happened!!

I do not wish to cause harm I’m happy to stay in the thread :rofl:

Read my post then the rules and answer them according to the rules required.

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I do not wish to break your rules, maybe questions you would ask a god

Can you tell us more about your human self?

Business Owner , UK

Mate, trash the god claim lol this isn’t about that, read the rules this is an occult forum, not a “I’m this god ask me questions”.

  • Your preferred name Steve, 28 and from the UK , however, please
  • Your preferred magicks and topics of study

Science preferably physics’ and chemistry. Technical, other dimensions, death , spiritual ascension. Readings,

  • Particular areas of magick where you need help
    Biological sciences, pathways, regression.
  • Particular areas of magick where you can provide help

See Above

How old are you? because by magick it means what systems of magick do you practice, what experiences you have in magick. So far it seems you have none.

Do you meditate, do you practice energy work, what do you do magick wise not “magick is called science now” but literally what magick path do you follow/work with.


Well I have just joined so give me a minute :sweat_smile:

These experiences existing and yes I have had them many.

Lol I’ve asked you many times to put it in your introduction like you’re suppose to but you kept giving that “it’s science now” which isn’t what I asked lol.


Getting better :wink:


Welcome, it is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves. You do this by going to the Introductions category (linked below) and making a NEW thread introducing yourself.


If you start reading this forum you’ll see every new member is asked to do this, and that is one of the main rules that Velenos is trying to help you with. It helps us to answer you as the intro can be used to level-set the answers.

Assuming you know nothing, yes many people have past lives. Past lives often do not happen in chronological order, so you can also remember lives from the future, you can be incarnate in the same time more than once, you could have had a long life discarnate before incarnating as human, or been other incarnate species… etc. etc. - so chronological time is not a great measure of a spirits age.

IMO being intelligent, having a very practiced interface between brain and spirit are good indicators of an “old soul”. IMO 8000 years not at all old though.