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If you are being attacked by an egregore sent by an enemy, what would you use to fight it and banish it?

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Look for identifying qualities in energy from the person who sent it your way. It will help with redirecting that energy towards them instead of yourself.

You could also use the water-fall shield. If you are not familiar with this technique, it involves focusing your energy into a bright ball of light in front of your third eye and releasing in a downward motion like water throughout your entire body. This helps with blocking out the negative energy.

I’m assuming by Egregore you were referring to a astral parasite / servitor and not the mythical Egregore though.


It’s an egregore created by a few individuals to drain the energy of myself and a few other folks who hold differing views on magickal practice. We have all removed the gift each of us received which we believe was the conduit and cleansed our homes. I want to be certain this parasite is fully removed though. I will definitely work the waterfall ritual. Thank you.

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I would also recommend the LBRP or another banishing technique.


We are doing that as well.

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I’ve used mirror jars numerous times to repel negative shits, and it works every time. Also, you could put quartz on all of your window sills. However, my first thought was not defensive, but offensive; if they’re sending energy your way, think of a way to absorb it. Either through an egregore/servitor of your own, or make their egregore an offering to someone like your Matron/Patron. Just a thought.