Egregore; their power, danger, and ability to cause change by their own WILL(?)

Inspired by “american gods”, do i wanna ask you people:

“How independent can a created entity be?”
In this world without limits, in the reamls of magick,
there, where insanity is two things: reality, but the same time the ashes of the old.
(More like the gonorrhoe you had, because you were just too busy, to give all the fucks you had, to that dirty, unwashed whore you called your ‘life’. And the more fucks you gave, the more you were fucked.)

Comparing TV-show charakters -which are seen, through the much, much higher numbers of the collateral, -compared to those created in the times of swords and blood, -or even the 19th century, in which a city with 30.000 souls was still “unbelievable great” in size.

I ask you:

How much of an own will, has a figure, watched -worshipped (fan=fanatics -equivalent to fundamentalistic worship, with temples in every man’s pocket) by millions of people in each country?? FUELD OVER YEARS OR DECADES?


Are they mighty enough, so it would make a pretty fucking lot of sense,
to get some protection, to prevent any attack or influenced state initiated by them??

And, -obviously:

How, can i protect my ass against a mutated creation of the mind?