Ego- how do I get rid of it?

And once again thank you all :slight_smile:

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no matter what you do you will never lose your ego, it will keep regrowing a new head. what you can do is become fully present in the here and now and all those things you think define you, you’ll realize that they dont. zazen meditation

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Eh–the mistake most make is in the measurement of success. Pure awareness, with no desire nor attachment, can be achieve for extremely small amounts of time. Nano seconds in fact. Extending the time w/out the desire to extend the time is the paradox.

Just going to put it here as well just in case some of you are not bothering to read other people replies before replying to me:



So I have been looking at it the wrong way… merge. Now that is what I like. Damn it feels good to have been wrong. The fear is gone too and right now i feel energy erupting from my heart center and flowing everywhere in my body while i’m typing lol I’m happy to have been an idiot hahaha

Thank you all



Well here’s the thing. Once I looked at it the right way I understood and also finally both Soul traveled and astral projected this morning. I also believe Asmodeus was there in two forms: one of an older man with short white hair and super tidy clothes of a light brown color and the other form was a young man in swimming trunks… normally I would think the second one a bit weird but considering we were on the beach I guess it suited the scenario. But I’m not super sure yet, I will investigate it further and confirm the being or beings present. They helped a great deal so thank you and I will thank you properly once I know who it was for sure.

Indeed :slight_smile: . These days it just occurred me to find similarities between some authors/teachers. For example there is a song by the late Lama Gangchen which is like “Ego friendly, ego cut”: the starting point is befriending the ego. A follower of Hermeticism wrote about a state of mercurial balance where the (RHP) adept accepts both sides of the being… and so on. Although, in this way it may be a bit hard to see the difference with the common way of living.