Egg magic

Asking on behalf of someone, I would like to know of a magic (african?) that is done with a ritual that includes rubbing an egg on self, and if it turns black/coloured inside it means theres a curse or something? Is this a real thing or some sort of stage magic? Thanks

If you search ‘Egg’ this pops up:

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You can do similar by placing an egg under your bed in a brown paper bag, in the morning drop it in the crossroads. Drops some candy and pennies with it :slight_smile:

As the link @Ryce provided, shows, it is a traditional cleansing technique called a limpia. It is used, not just to break curses, but to remove any negative energy.

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When i’ve been initiated on umbanda, they did It with me. It’s a cleaning pratice


@Draggus what if it turns completely into black/dark fluid inside, and no more looks like an egg? Is this a ‘gypsy trick’ or is this through magical ritual possible?

I know of general cleansing with an egg, rubbing it on your body, leaving it in water overnight etc, but my question is if an in depth ritual was done with a ‘proffessional’, with incantations, candles, rubbing it on self etc etc, and the whole insides of the egg turn to blackish water when the egg was cut open… is this even possible, or does one really have some bad mojo and it showed up in the ritual… because when I do ‘normal egg cleansing magick’ aside weird formations maybe, but not turn the whole insides into blackish water… can real magic from an experienced practioner with a linage of experience do that? Or just a trick to get more money to pay for curse removal services… ?

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It’s possible. My father told me stories about my uncle grandfather he is a Priest of quimbanda, and he called the ‘’ boto cor de rosas ‘’ ( i dont know How is in english) Just calling they to come. He went to the reaver and only back 5 hours laters, amazônia reavens have alligations, anacondas etc. My father also told me about he creating food from nowhere, he Just Said to my father and his cousin to turn around then when they turn around again he was with a plate of food. So It’s possible. African magick is powerful.

If someone think i’m lying you can search for zamgbeto or quimbanda on internet

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Ive heard alot of stories in my family from ‘great people’ and days of old, but I have yet to see that magic works like in those stories for real. I mean, I even heard that my grandmother offered some food to a mother and child “Shed” similar to a “jinn” if you wish, because they were looking at the food hungrily. And other “supernatural” stories around her, but I never met her, she might of died just before I was born? But even working with “demons” Im still not convinced in this day and age cause such magic that is told of old or hollywood type magic. I am yet to learn… I mean I have afew intesting stories myself… but I dont feel like it is consistent and enough evidance for me…that I can conjour food or make my wishes come true in a snap…

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I guess If you want to see the true Power you need to go to the roots. Africa. Haiti. Egypt . You Will only see superficial power in others countries

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Is there anyone I can go to learn in Egypt let say, that would teach me and show me? Im interested . #@everyone

Yes, it’s possible, but it’s not giving everyone that much to get such a result with an egg.
Most of the time you will have a blood stain and some strange formation that the psychics can interpret. As for the egg, I rub it all over my body and then write the sign of the fire element on it with a figure of African geomancy representing this element at the three corners of the triangle and on the other side of the egg I write an activation key and I put all this on burning charcoal and I let the egg explode and become all black and I will bury it with charcoal. It is effective against small spells.

Im not talking about blood stains and formations Im talking the whole inside of the egg turned into blackish liquid. And poured out as dark liquid on the plate, after the egg was rubbed on self, incantations etc , and it was wrapped up in celotape, cut in half. .

yes it’s possible, I’ve already seen this kind of thing but only in Morocco and not especially with an egg and it’s often old lady or very good wizard who manages to extract black matter and other strange things from a bewitched person.

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Hey guys. Today I stepped over an egg at a crossroads at 2 am. What should I do?

You don’t have to approach everything traditionally if you feel like there’s a curse or negative energy just break it with a ritual or smth

It’s all energy, use your imagination


Thanks :+1: