Efficacy of Sleep Deprivation for T/G Sync

Hey All,

I am having great difficulty entering the sync, and I am wondering if any of the more experienced here have experimented with sleep deprivation as a way to enter the appropriate state for evocation?

I have mainly been working through EA’s books, but still can’t seem to get the sync down.

Would sleep deprivation aid in acheiving the Being state I need?

any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve tried it, and it does help but makes it very hard to concentrate. Your milage may vary

I think that is another thing im being trained at…the choices i have made in my life brought me to a place in which right now with my work, i am sleeping 3,4 or 5 hours a day…everyday a week. I am feeling so tired, but on the other hand…
Whenever i get out of work into somewhere where i am alone…specially with the natural sights i have…it just sparkles.

Sleep deprivation is amazing for anything in magick, I used to be in an order where we would stay up for four days. It makes it very easy to lose yourself in ritual… though it will also have you relying on it. It can cripple your ability to get into the tgc normally. I advise learning to meditate

Thanks for the advice, everyone.

Necromaster: I meditate daily, usually just following my breath, upon awakenig. Is there a particular type of meditation you’d reccomend?

i’ve been doing Ea’s Darkness meditation off and on, ever since I got WoD when it was first released, years ago. I’ve also been regularily using the cloud relaxation and visualization from QaV but I seem unable to slip into any kind of altered state, at least one where my inner monologue doesn’t question everything. Sometimes, after the cloud exercise, when I’m visualizing the room, i get dizzy, but there is no sensation of “falling” as described, nor do I lose awareness of my body and my inner voice is very much still present. I’ve been trying to enter the appropriate state for years, but I can only get a light trance, where the inner voice is quieter but still present, nothing deep enough for evocation.

Sometimes you can meditate but not actually change your state of consciousness. You need to do some intense exercise, then move on to some muscle relaxation techniques or yoga, then you’ll be an open vessel for the theta gamma sync to descend into. The main thing is to switch your mental state and not fool yourself into thinkinh you’re in a deeper state

I cannot concentrate/meditate after 24 hours of sleep deprivation if i try to enter trance I simply get nervous or fall unconscious.

A bit of tiredness help me enter the alpha state (trance) but too much of it (as too much resting) makes it impossible for me to do it, my body just cannot

Necromaster: I do exercise, usually some stretches, an hour before the cloud elaxation and visualization as EA recommends in QaF, but it doesn’t seem to help me to relax. My neck and shoulders are chronically stiff and no matter what I try, I can’t seem to unlock them.

I’ve been doing the cloud relaxation/meditation while going without sleep the last couple of days and it was a little easier but last night I fell off the wagon. I just can’t seem to stay awake longer than 36 hours.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to answer my question. Thank you.