Edgy Satanic shit

It seems ever since I was young I was always more emotionally edgy. I had anger issues at a young age and was mocked as a devil by some close family. I used to gain pleasure from hurting otgers in sports.
I always thought it was fumb edge lord shit but is this natural with LHP shit?
And is it healthy being in that state of desiring chaos and the idea of seeing the world burn.


As someone who has about a decade on you and went through the same as you described, you grow into it. I wouldn’t say grow out of it by any means. But you hone and refine it. Just be prepared to look back on yourself and cringe as how much of an Edgelord you used to be while accepting it’s just part of you. In the end, just learn to handle it with class, not cringe.


So long as your not going around hacking people to death I don’t see anything wrong with what your doing. Embrace it.

As far as seeing the world burn, if you like the idea of such things then good for you. Just remember, you would also end up burning along with it :wink:


My dream would be to destroy and rebirth this planet completely but thats too much work for a tortured crazy kid.


We all have fantasies like that. It’s normal, I think. And your not crazy, maybe just troubled. And young. As you get older that will change…usually.


You can start by healing and strengthening yourself from within, the alchemy spreads out. I know that sounds like newage wank but I promise you it’s not. We each co-create this planet, but have been lied to about that fact to increasing degree, and that’s why it’s currently such a total gangfuck, but with small excellent bits in amongst the dross.

The process of internal alchemy never ends, I am not saying this from some high perch of having shit all figured out. New level, new things to conquer.