I was just curious about this and I thought that if such a phenomena actually exists then surely someone here would have experienced it. According to wikipedia, it is a spiritual energy/substance “exteriorized” by physical mediums. With mediums it has been said that it appears as a thick gauze or smoke, whereas when associated with hauntings it would manifest as a thick black tar. The reason I bring this up is because I had a dream communicating to me that I received a silver vase and matching silver bracelet set. A shadow began to manifest in the dream, listing all of the things it offered to do for me, including total mind control of an individual person. As it manifested, I noticed a thick tarry sludge begin to aggregate inside the vase, which to me was a sign of power. Interestingly, the spirit told me its name, but as I rejected the offer, I forgot its name upon waking up. That seems fair to me. So long story short, is there such a thing as ectoplasm or is this just a hoax?

It’s a hoax. Ectoplasm first appeared amongst the spiritualist movement and mostly seemed to be another parlor trick I have never met a real medium that puked up ectoplasm nore have I experienced it in any regard. There’s more interesting real phenomena related to this work like poltergeist activity objects moving around and such. If ectoplasm was a real thing where are the samples to test? Even Bigfoot leaves behind footprints, hair, and poops. Ectoplasm is as fictional as proton packs.

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Ectoplasm is real. Your problem is the misunderstanding of what Ectoplasm is. The Ecto is pure lifeforce, which you are right it is a sign of power. As for being able to see it it is really up to your spiritual vision of all 5 senses. The difference between spirits with more Ectoplasm is that they are reside more on the Etherial plane and so may be easier to see due to an increased energetic presence. They are way more powerful than Astral Spirits due to being on this physical level, as it takes more potent energy obviously.

So you can think of it this way. Your brain receives and processes bio-electric signals which activate your psychic abilities. A potent spirit of that calibre will Ooze so much energy that it may activate your abilities (not a gaurantee) just by being around you. Fyi some say that to get rid of poltergeists onr ignores them, but this isnt always the case as some may be so powerful (godlike) that they really do not need your energy and so may continue to stick around. As for Ectoplasm looking like slime, that is partially hollywood, but there is a related truth underlying that.

I thought he was asking if there was an actual slime type substance that has physical mass like in the movies. I remember in the movie poltergeist when everyone was covered in ectoplasm I laughed so much through that movie it was delightful. I liked Ghostbusters but have not yet seen the new one it looks like it could be really good.