Eating weird things when you're "possessed"/have entities in you

I thought this might be an interesting one to swap notes on, inspired (a bit) by the latest podcast.

What are your experiences with this? Ever had problems eating, or developed weird preferences?

Mine are, in approximate order of dates, being about 15 and unable to eat for a couple of days after invoking an entity I randomly met - I was throwing up and it was like having NO interest in food and no stomach to put it in, and I got quite panicked until the entity just left, and I went back to normal; then, in my early 20’s, trying to invoke the spirit of this guy I was “in love with” - I tried to “pull him into me” and y’know, take his mind over kinda thing, as yer do, and he pretty much avoided me after that! - but I was absolutely starving afterwards and ate almost non-stop, for 3 or 4 days, and without gaining any weight from it.

Then there’s been a bunch of other stuff through the years, and recently, after the first few days of my invocation of Ahriman, I stopped being hungry at all and only wanted to eat or drink really bitter things, and working with Azi Dahaka shortly afterwards, I was advised not to eat anything that had spent much time in the sun like fruit and veg, tea, or milk, or any kind of meat, and I actually did feel quite horrified by the idea of having any of those things in my mouth, it was almost like a transitory phobia.

I don’t know if anyone here’s read the books “Mine To Kill” and “Child Possessed” by David St Clair, which both document apparently real-life (and unwilling) possessions of young girls, but in one of then I remember the family of one of the girls reports that as the possession deepened, she started wanting to drink vinegar and then to crave increasingly weird foods, so it does seem to be a theme.

Towards the end of the intense 24/7 invocation of Ahriman (I’m always reluctant to call it “possession” unless it’s really beginning to impinge on my will) I felt that I was going to start moving towards some weirder choices, for example I noticed how badly I craved bitter and dark food and drink, which made me wonder about the discovery of coffee all those years ago in the Middle East… but that’s probably another topic, “demonically inspired foods that have entered the mainstream”! :o)

Has anyone here got any experiences to share on this?

Or noticed any changes in food preferences working closely with an entity, or any guidance you’ve been given to deepen the bond with a particular kind of food?

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Its not a personal sort of experience that I will refer to but more of reports from acquaintances. According to them, after being initiated into certain taoist sects, one of the prohibitions is to no longer eat beef. If they try to eat it, they will get sick and experience nausea and weakness for awhile. Showing that some sort of alteration was done to make them reject it on principle.

I suppose what I mentioned is an example of something longer term, but its also in a way, probably some sort of semi-common development or practice all around.

One day, when I try Ahriman and Azi Dahaka, I’ll make sure to record if any changes afflict me.

Lady Eva, I need to say hello again because I have been away from the site for about a month concentrating on some areas of my practice, one of which is possession so your post here grabbed my attention. Until you posed the question regarding possession and foods, it never crossed my mind. But looking back on my experiences communicating with spirits, and Lilith in particular, I acquired a taste for apple cider vinegar. Most interesting due to the girl in the family you referenced. I have also acquired a taste for pork. This is due to my contact with Lilith and her considering meat of the pig sacred as opposed to those religions that see meat from a pig as “unclean.” She has also led me to foods that are useful in the production of semen. But during periods of possession or heightened obsession, I have no interest in food.