Easy way to make someone think sexually of you

All you need to do is visualize yourself with the intended person doing something normal like watching tv together or something and feel the sexual tension between you two Imagine either you or them taking the first step towards sex.
After this you just visualize exactly what you want to happen after that whether it is them going down on you or kissing you, anything you wanna do that makes you horny.

When you are horny start masturbating and try to hold the vision until you cum.

you can do this more times but I’d suggest you keep the storyline the same so you can see it more clearly with each time.

I have had success with this. what happened was that we did have small chats about sex, mind you he is uncomfortable talking about sex. He showed me a song that he was listening to and it was very sexual and today he was listening to it and sending me a vid of it saying AGAIN ”having sex to this song would be great” something like that.

I responded with ”you can just tell me you wanna have sex with me to this song you don’t need to give hints just tell me”

in which he responded with ”Yeah I do wanna have sex with you to this song, lol you called me out”

so this is my success so far. he seems to be thinking about having sex with me so I wanted to share this success with you guys :slight_smile:



So angeela, how did it feel by the time you finish every individual mutualization session? For how long did you do it

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Well it feels good to have an orgasm :joy: Each time it takes around an hour or so of constant visualizing and masturbating at the same time. I do lose focus sometimes but I always keep going until I orgasm each time.

I try to really focus on them, especially at the end when I orgasm.

Oh and I always do it before going to sleep so right after I just finish up and go to sleep right away

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How many times specifically across you doing this have you masturbated and visualized

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And by feel I mean like the energies, not your body physically, but hey that’s cool too

not many times. haven’t counted but around five or so I think. more or less. I have a hard time feeling energies since I recently just started getting into it so I’m not good at all with that stuff yet.

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then this is a good result, tbj

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Lol I just asked king lucifer for sex with girls way out of my league and this thread shows up :joy: Hail lucifer

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