Easy lust spell?

What’s a easy yet effective spell to make someone lust after you ?

If you’re worrying about how easy a ritual is, before you’ve even started looking, then your chances of success are quite low. I recommend you search through the old threads and start to learn how lust and love magic works, and then come back with any questions.


That and take care of your appearance, body hygiene, dress sense all these things are magic also. Not likely to attract something you like if you waer rags n don’t shower… extreme example but just saying. This and what @Biffa_Bacon just mentioned


Drugs and money, but mostly drugs. I won’t say which.

I reckon you’re asking for easy spells because you just want a little push, and not something to turn your suitors in mindless zombies. If that’s the case, look up stuff on psychic seduction and just make sure you look the part.

Happy hunting


Just stay sexy.

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