Easy filtering cheat

I posted this on WF but I thought I would share it here as well:

After a bit of practice, this has worked well for me. When feeding off of someone who isn’t hyperly bursting with energy, or if you have a hard time “digesting” negative energy, use crystals to convert it for you while feeling. I found that amethyst works best with this.

My technique:

(If you are wearing a pendant)

  1. Visualize an spinning energy vortex (or simply a tendril, if you prefer) coming from your aura, right behind the pendant. (Keeping the pendant low, over the heart chakra helps with this as well).

  2. Feel the vortex/tendril enter the crystal, and extend back out, taking on the color of the crystal as well.

Now the fun part!

  1. You can either aim for the crown chakra, or base chakra (Now, I find the others are more difficult to drain from, experiment and feel for what works for you), drink, feel the energy pour back into your crystal, then go back into the tendril part that connected your body to the crystal. Keep feeding till satisfied