Eastern occultism is actually really neat (on the topic of gods and making them)

They made gods, and just talked to them! They just exercised those senses! People quite literally induced a sort of limitless bliss upon themselves, and there’s quite a lot in that!

I kind of wanted to make myself blissful as yogis are, but I was advised against it. Some lesson involving pain is approaching, I guess? That sucks. Well, I am just going to say this and leave this here.

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Umm… It’s bit more complicated than that. And you’d have to be much more specific to really be able to understand what you’re talking about in the first place.
Some practices were for making thoughtforms and binding them to an object. These weren’t gods at all. Others would evoke a god just to prove that its all in the mind.


I know. I wasn’t writing the book on thousands of years of mysticism in a country I don’t live in. I just said a small part of what is correct.

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Hmm. I guess my only point of contention is that I have never heard anything like what you mentioned. So that’s why I was wondering about the specifics. Though bliss is nice, even bliss for most eastern occultists is not the end goal. Thus, they wouldn’t be fashioning idols and then cultivating bliss with those things. I was just curious if it was correct in the first place, and if so, which specific branch of occultism.

you can still experience bliss in homeopathic doses…